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A New breed of Soldier – Zúyŏng Invincibles (HSN3)

At the core of the Invincible Army are the Zúyŏng Invincibles who stand as the guardians and defenders of the Yu Jing State Empire. They are the most numerous corps of the Invincible Army serving as Yu Jing’s Heavy Infantry line troops. Meaning one thing for sure – tacticoolness like this picture below.


Pic by k1lleet from Deviantart

I painted my Zúyŏng in line with the rest of my force and he was my first HI to experiment with the OSL glow effect on. Thankfully it was a success and I was happy with the result and applied this to all my force.

At the moment we only have one sculpt for the Zúyŏng which is the HMG but the one sculpt we do have is pretty awesome! I look forward to seeing the future sculpts with different loadouts, especially if they do one wielding dual breaker pistols! For now the older Invincible models can also be used Zúyŏng’s decently too, such as this little number:


So what is the background behind these ‘Terracotta Warriors’?

“The Terracotta Warriors are an army of statues that guard the mausoleum of the emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, the unifier and founder of the Chinese empire. The mission of these sculpted troops was to protect the Emperor and his grand empire in the afterlife. Emperor Qin fought for the ideal of an all-encompassing China, “All under Heaven”. This same ideal is now incarnated in and defended by the Zúyŏng Invincibles. Spread throughout Yu Jing territory, they have become the nucleus of the State Empire Army as the largest Heavy Infantry corps in the Human Sphere. No military force can equip as many soldiers with servo-powered armor. Other regiments, other armies, can claim to have the most advanced technology, but the Zúyŏng have what they need to see their duty through, and everything else they make up for in skill and determination. Not in vain are they considered to be one of the better trained regiments in the Sphere: few can even imagine how rigorous and unforgiving a Yu Jing military academy can be. Perseverance, a radical sense of discipline, an absolute disregard for suffering, a lack of hesitation when asked to make superhuman efforts, and an excellent tactical preparation help explain the nature of the invincibility of these soldiers. To them, there is no honor or duty beyond defending the lands and the perfect cause of the State Empire, so when duty calls the Zúyŏng waste no time in answering. The commitment of these men and women is boundless. For the Terracotta Warriors there is always an injustice to remedy, an evil to eradicate. Forged as anonymous heroes, each one of them represents every Yu Jing citizen. And, when the fateful time comes, they will be standing firm, undaunted by the challenge; unflinching like the terracotta armies of the emperor’s tomb, but utterly prepared to carry the State Empire to glory with endless courage and an iron will.

“Examples of the State Empire”, an official program of the Ministry of Information of Yu Jing. “

The inspiration behind the Zúyŏng Invincibles is based in China’s historic dynasty roots and is fitting for the core Heavy Infantry corps of Yu Jing. As described in the fluff the Zúyŏng are not cutting edge HI but they certainly have a lot of tools available to them and are durable and they play as such on tabletop.


The Terracotta Army

Let’s have a look at the profile:


One thing that stands out about the Zúyŏng Invincibles are the amount of loadout options they have! It is very clear that the Zúyŏng’s have been designed with a future fireteam structure in mind for the Invincible Army sectorial in the future. However this doesn’t make them redundant as individual models and even taking an individual Zúyŏng is a very useful piece to have in your list. The great thing is that the amount of loadouts they have makes them very flexible and can enhance your force in some way.

From a stat perspective the Zúyŏng Invincibles have some quality stats and skills for the price:

BS 13

The Zúyŏng come with BS 13 as standard, I can’t stress how good this BS is for the price! This makes the Zúyŏng a good choice as an active turn piece with a variety of weapons and makes them quite reliable hitters providing you get in optimal range bands. BS 13 is a solid base stat to have for face to face rolls.

WIP 13

Zúyŏng’s have WIP 13 which is respectable and makes them decent button pushers and objective grabbers in ITS, not the best but certainly good enough at this price bracket making them semi-decent at discover checks and flash pulsing.

Kinematika L1

As is standard with most Yu Jing Heavy Infantry the Zúyŏng’s get Kinematika L1 which is a really handy skill to have giving you that 3″ dodge move to either get in your enemies face more or ensure you make it to that partial cover.


Love Zúyŏng Invincibles? Knock yourself out, you can take up to 5!


The Zu Yong gives fire support to his Shang Ji brother

‘Anonymous Heroes’

Before we get to the other loadouts let’s talk about something that ALL the Zúyŏng Invincibles come with though:

2 Breaker Pistols

One of the most defining aspects of Zúyŏng’s is that they ALL come with dual breaker pistols, do not underestimate how incredibly useful and potent these are! This means that because of the twin weapons rule they actually become burst 3 (the same burst as the combi rifle) but use breaker ammunition which not only targets the enemies BTS stat, but also halves it! They also have higher damage than the standard pistol (11) and are damage 12.

There have been countless times where pulling out the breaker pistols has given me victories in face to face rolls and done more damage than the combi rifle or HMG. It also gives the Zúyŏng amazing tactical flexibility even when toting a long range weapon like the HMG making them viable in room busting operations. There’s nothing quite as cool as running into a room blazing away with dual wielding pistols.


Whipping out the breaker pistols against an Aquila and Trauma doc caught out in the open

The best way to use the breaker pistols I’ve found is to be ballsy with them and to only pull them out at the 8″ range band. Typically when I pull out the breaker pistols I leave cover with the Zúyŏng and try to catch my opponent out of cover also, why do I do this? Well if your opponent is BTS 0 you want to try and deny them that +3 BTS bonus from cover. Against targets with higher BTS values (HI usually) like 6 you want to be halving their BTS to 3 and denying that +3 bonus to make using the breaker pistols really worth it. Other wise if you halve their BTS to 3 and they get the +3 bonus back to 6 the breaker pistols are not really much better than sitting in cover using the combi rifle against ARM 4/5 which would be safer for the Zúyŏng. Breaking cover and surprising your opponent with the breaker pistols is a great tactic and puts the Zúyŏng on Burst 3 BS 16 if you can catch them at an angle out of cover. If shooting at an ARM 4 / BTS 6 HI for example, using the combi against them in cover will result in them needing to beat 6s to save. If using the breaker pistols and catching them out in the open they will need to beat 9s, a vast difference!

Other great times to consider pulling out the breaker pistols are against targets with BTS 0 like MI or Ariadna, or using them against targets with ridiculous ARM and BTS like TAGs. You’d be surprised how much damage breaker pistols can do against TAGs.


The Lieutenant prepares his breaker pistols…

‘Endless Courage and Iron Will’

With there being so many loadout choices for the Zúyŏng Invincibles I am only going to focus on the HMG and combi rifle options which are the ones I have used the most. No doubt in the future when the Invincible Army sectorial comes I’ll be using the other options a lot more.

HMG Profiles

HMG – 35pts / 1.5 SWC

The standard Zúyŏng HMG profile is a solid choice for the price and makes good use of the Zúyŏng’s BS 13 and durability. This profile is a great choice as a general sweeper for moving forward and shooting anything visible. BS 13 makes him a decent shot even against camo models in cover provided you get in the good range band of the HMG. Although ARM 3 is lowish for a HI it’s good enough to shrug off small arms fire as long the Zúyŏng stays in cover. This profile is a good supporting long range piece that is durable with 2 wounds. I like to use this profile to put pressure on the enemy with the HMG and to try and hold down areas in suppression.

A thing to note is that because of the dual breaker pistols it’s not easy to catch this Zúyŏng in a bad range band, enemies who come close thinking to get within the -3 HMG range band will usually end up with a +3 breaker pistol to the face. The Zúyŏng HMG can be used quite aggressively in the midfield thanks to him always having the option of his breaker pistols.

HMG (Automedikit) – 39pts / 2 SWC

Similar to the above but with an automedikit gives the Zúyŏng a decent chance of recovery. There are pros and cons to this however. The pros are that it only costs an order to do it which may be less orders than it would take to get a doctor/yaozao/paramedic to him. Automedikits also don’t incur a -3 PH unlike normal medikits. The cons however are that if you fail the automedikit he will die and there are no rerolls with command tokens unlike using the doctor skill.

The automedikit is still useful though. When using this profile make sure that instead of moving to a corner to shoot and staying there that you duck out of the cover and back in again. The reason for this is that if the Zúyŏng goes down to an unlucky crit or wounds then he can use the automedikit without generating an ARO hopefully. If an enemy has LoF when you use the automedikit it generates an ARO! This tactic is mostly for corners, usually up on rooftops or behind walls etc the Zúyŏng is typically safe as you go prone when falling unconscious.

Having the automedikit does mean you can afford to be more ballsy with the Zúyŏng and push him out away from your main force if necessary. Bear in mind the 2 SWC cost however, make sure you use him!

HMG Lieutenant (Automedikit) – 39pts / 1 SWC

The Lieutenant option of the above with a sweet 1 SWC discount! Some may dismiss this profile as too risky but honestly it’s not that bad, especially with an automedikit giving your Lt. a second chance to get back up. I like to use this profile in synergy with the Hac Tao Executive order by being super aggressive with the Zúyŏng and then revealing the Hac Tao somewhere else to switch Lieutenant. But even without this trick this profile is a great combat Lieutenant who is durable. The Lieutenant order is always useful to have and you can always hold back from using it till turn 3 when it won’t matter anymore anyway. Turn 3 is usually the stuff of heroics!

T1 11

The Zu Yong setup in suppression on the flank with his HMG

Combi rifle profiles

Combi rifle / Lt. – 27pts

The standard combi rifle Zúyŏng is a good midfielder and a cheap HI line troop. The option of the combi rifle or breaker pistols in close engagements makes the Zúyŏng tactically flexible and can use either depending on the ARM/BTS of the opponent. Sometimes there may be lightly armoured enemies with ARM 1 / BTS 6 where the combi will come in handy over the breaker pistols for example.

There is also a 0 SWC Lieutenant profile which is handy to have if you want a tough Lieutenant or are going with a HI themed list.

Tinbot B (Deflector L2) – 30pts / 0.5 SWC

With the infowar increasing in HSN3 this profile is surprisingly very good for the lone Zúyŏng Invincible. The deflector L2 gives the opponent a -6 WIP penalty when attempting to hack the Zúyŏng, making this a good anti-hacking profile. I have used this profile for the Armory where getting points and bodies in there matter and having the Deflector L2 saved the Zúyŏng from hacking attacks many times. This profile is a great choice for missions that depend on holding locations/quadrants/rooms/areas with army points or bodies. Since hacking can be a close range affair this Zúyŏng can move into the midfield without as much fear of hacking shenanigans. Buddy him up with the Shang Ji Deflector L2 profile and you have a pair of HI that can really storm the midfield with combi/flamethrower/breaker nastiness.

The deflector L2 also stacks with Fairy Dust or Kaleidoscope supportware (EVO hacker) making this a very effective anti hacking build which can waste opponents orders. I don’t think many opponents will want to hack a Zúyŏng rocking BTS 6 and -9 to their WIP roll while at the same time face to face against the Zúyŏng’s WIP 13 reset. He’s not a specialist, but if you’re thinking of taking this profile you probably weren’t looking for one anyway.

Forward Observer – 28pts

This profile has all the perks of the default combi profile except that he is a specialist and also has a flash pulse. The Zúyŏng FO is durable cheap specialist with an answer for every midfield range band. Pistols up to 8″, combi up 16″ and flash pulse up to 24″, all at +3. The Zúyŏng is a good choice as an FO since he is durable, can get in a firefight and contest the middle for objectives.

Paramedic -29pts

The paramedic Zúyŏng is similar to the Shang Ji paramedic in that he is a combat medic, mainly there to provide medikit support and take objectives since he is still a specialist. The Zúyŏng paramedic is handy in the midfield thanks to the extra wound he has allowing him to take that risk of medikitting someone with an enemy in LoF. He’s a good choice for missions that give a +3 bonus to doctors/paramedics like coffin raiders and supplies.

Fateful Times

The Zúyŏng Invincibles are a very flexible unit with some useful profiles and great tools for their cost. As far as cost efficient and useful HI go the Zúyŏng Invincibles are one of the best and something for Yu Jing players to be proud of, making taking multiple HI a viable option for Yu Jing players. In these fateful times we need all the HI we can get, especially if they are versatile like the Zúyŏng!


Fighting alongside fellow Invincibles


So what do you like about the Zúyŏng Invincibles?  What are your experiences with them? Please leave a comment below and we can all share in the knowledge.


Tactical Espionage – The Dàofěi Tactical Section

The Dàofěi Tactical Section are Yu Jing’s answer to the midfield infiltrators and skirmishers of other factions, other factions might send in lightly armoured skirmishers with mines….Yu Jing being Yu Jing send in heavy infantry infiltrators! This unit always has a shock factor when he appears as he is always expected to be something else like a humble Gŭiláng or even a Ninja. The Dàofěi are also unique in that they are the only unit of the Invincible Army that has a braid on their helmet which I thought was very interesting. Even though it is an older sculpt the model is still very detailed and has a great pose, Dàofěi look quite scary and rightfully so!

I covered painting the Dàofěi in my brush time which you can check out in the painting section, he was a fun but challenging model to paint as he is smaller than the new HI aesthetic.


So who are the Dàofěi Tactical Section?

Dàofěi are Heavy Infantry specializing in Infiltration and Hostile Environment Survival. The Tactical Section of the Invincible Army combines training in infiltration techniques with the standard Heavy Infantry program. Dàofěi units receive their name, meaning ‘Bandits’, from the final test they must pass to graduate the State School for Scouts. For the test, they are abandoned in the inhospitable region of Dailing without food or weapons, and expected to survive two months surrounded by poachers, highwaymen, outlaws and the police forces of the area, who consider prospective Dàofěi the worst of all criminals. In order to survive in these lands, they must resort to banditry and pillaging, attracting the attention of the Law as well as the local criminal element, who are unwilling to share their territory with these outsiders. From that point on, the graduation test gets messy and people start to die. The survivors, callous but excellent infiltrators, are welcomed into the Dàofěi Section, where they are entrusted with missions that reproduce the conditions of their graduation, only with better weapons and support.”

The Dàofěi’s 2 month final test is a major step up compared to the Gŭiláng’s 8 month training program, being incredibly intense, dangerous and even fatal. Whereas the Gŭiláng receive their training alongside the Zhànshì and are state trained in the art of infiltration and camouflage for 8 months, the Dàofěi are dumped into a hostile environment without any support or help and are expected learn to survive or face the consequences. Failure could mean being either arrested by the police, kidnapped by poachers, robbed by highwaymen, tortured by local triads or even death from starvation or bullets. It is those that triumph and survive that prove their worth and become part of the Dàofěi Tactical section.

Hostile Environment Survival

Surviving in such conditions breeds a veteran troop of real worth. Let’s look at the profile


The Dàofěi have great stats across the board being similar to the Shàng Jí Invincible but with some differences, having lower BTS and CC namely. The only downside really is the AVA 1 meaning we can only take 1! (Until the Huang Di sectorial hits). Apart from this the Dàofěi have great stats and are excellent in firefights thanks to BS 13, ARM 4, 2 wounds and camo. They also boast a generous PH 14 making them excellent at dodging in a bad combat situation. WIP 13 is average and is decent enough for hacking and objective capping which the Dàofěi performs quite well thanks to infiltration and camouflage. Although not intended for close combat, the Dàofěi does have a Shock CCW which is nice and could prove fatal if the opponent rolls poorly.

‘…Callous but excellent Infiltrators…’

One of the most noteworthy things of the Dàofěi Tactical section is that they are the ONLY infiltrating camouflaged heavy infantry in the game currently. (note camo not TO camo) This is an exclusive to Yu Jing and rightly so as the pioneers of heavy infantry suit manufacturing! The Dàofěi combine their survival skills with the high tech of the State Empire to make a truly terrifying combination. Even the Elite Hac Tao with their TO camo cannot infiltrate the midfield like these guys.


Taking back the midfield

Infiltration and camouflage on a veteran HI like the Dàofěi is deadly lethal. Infiltration provides order efficiency by being able to deploy in the midfield so that you don’t have to spend orders moving up, the Dàofěi greatly benefits from this and can deploy near objectives for first turn capping or for deploying in areas where he can attack on the flanks or rooftops. It also means the Dàofěi will pretty much be in his good range band from the start of the game depending on what weapon loadout you choose. Some good tricks to use are deploying him along side a Gŭiláng minelayer for an awesome camo shell game. The opponent has 3 camo tokens in front him, one who is top notch MSV1 camo skirmisher, one which will blow up in his face, and one which is a 2W HI beatstick! Even without the minelayer option the Gŭiláng and Dàofěi buddy up well and he also synergises with other camo units in the Yu Jing arsenal like the sneaky Ninja’s or Raiden. With infiltration the Dàofěi can choose the best spots in your table half ready to pounce on the enemy and is often mistaken to be a lowly skirmisher until he reveals himself.

Having camouflage protects the Dàofěi from hacking while in marker status and also adds the usual level of protection of -3 to non visor enemies in shooting and discovering. The Dàofěi can move about quite freely thanks to camo and is able to get up in your opponents face very quickly. In the active turn he is a great ambush unit and very deadly thanks to surprise shot and his high stats, he can shoot with the best of them and stand his ground well in firefights. Surprise shot also works well with the assault hacker option and enables the Dàofěi to hack and eliminate other enemy HI with relative ease.

‘…People start to die…’

Lets look at each of the profile options available to the Dàofěi:

MULTI Rifle Profiles


The default loadout for the Dàofěi is the awesome MULTI rifle. The MULTI rifle is a great mid-range rifle that is lethal in the hands of the Dàofěi . In the active turn he can use Burst 3 AP or Shock making him a serious danger to 1 wound models and heavy infantry and in the reactive turn he can ARO back with Burst 1 DA ammo – scary. Thanks to infiltration the Dàofěi can get into the +3 range band very quickly with the MULTI rifle and also has the added bonus of surprise shot if using it in the active turn while in camo putting the enemy at a -3 on their reaction.

53pts / 0 SWC (Lieutenant)

Same as above but now your Lieutenant, the Dàofěi is an interesting Lieutenant choice. On the one hand he is right at the front and could be snuffed out quickly if you are not careful putting you into loss of Lieutenant. On the other hand though the extra Lieutenant order gives the Dàofěi a bit more fuel for killing stuff. A good way to use this is with the Hac Tao executive order profiles, use the Dàofěi aggressively and use the Lt. order to put the Daofei into suppressive fire in the midfield. Then switch over and activate the Hac Tao with Executive order to take over command, the opponent will be none the wiser and try to kill the Dàofěi in vain! It’s a pricey option, but a Dàofěi/Hac Tao combo is super deadly.

59pts / 0.5 SWC (Assault Hacker)

My favourite profile out of all of them is the assault hacker variant. This makes the Dàofěi a swiss army knife who is able to be a multi-layered threat to LI/HI/TAGs/REMs alike thanks to his MULTI rifle and assault hacking device. It also makes him a specialist meaning you can use your infiltration to get close to those juicy objectives for capping early in the game and denying your enemy. Let’s not forget the assault hacking device DOES still have spotlight so he could be used to get an early classified on a HVT or enemy!

The Dàofěi can make great use of the hacking device combined with surprise shot and usually the enemy won’t realise what your camo marker is until it is too late and the trap is sprung. Hacking opponents and immobilising them with carbonite then rounding the corner with the MULTI rifle and filling them full of holes is a disgustingly good tactic. He can also hold down an objective or quadrant with an 8″ bubble of hacking nastiness. The only thing to be aware of is the Dàofěi only has BTS 3 so fairy dust is advised or careful target selection. If it looks too dangerous just recamo to become immune to hacking again. This is the only specialist option for the Dàofěi but it’s very potent, having a HI assault hacker midfield at the start of the game in camo status is really hard to pass up on. Because he is heavily armoured he doesn’t get swatted as easily as a Gŭiláng assault hacker.


Behind enemy lines

HMG Profile – 57pts / 2 SWC

The HMG option works well if you want to use the Dàofěi as a nasty long range camo beatstick. Because of the range bands it is more effective to use infiltration to pick a nice a long fire lane spot or a good rooftop overlooking objectives. Infiltrating up to the midline is not advised as the HMG is at the 0 mod range band in 8 – 16″ and -3 if within 8″. Deploying prone on a rooftop with a good view is a good way to use this profile ready to pop up and lay down some heavy firepower with surprise shot. This profile can be a refreshing alternative to the Zu Yong HMG or Hac Tao HMG giving you a lot more deployment freedom.

Spitfire Profiles

55pts / 2 SWC

The spitfire is almost the perfect weapon for the Dàofěi and it is a difficult choice between this and the MULTI rifle. I prefer the MULTI rifle myself because of the hacking profile and also the ammunition choices. That being said the Spitfire has fantastic range bands and the Dàofěi is pretty much guaranteed to be at +3 straight away when infiltrating. If increased burst and damage is your thing then the spitfire is an appealing option that works well. This is another beatstick profile like the HMG except that it is better at making use of infiltration because of the +3 8 – 24″ range band.

55pts / 1.5 SWC (Lieutenant)

Same as above except this profile gets a nice 0.5 SWC discount, sweet! The Lieutenant order can once again be used as extra fuel for the fire and can be synergised with the Hac Tao Executive order profiles for Lt. mind games.


Infiltrating HEAVY infantry?!

Boarding Shotgun – 48pts / 0 SWC

The budget option rocking in at 48pts but no less scary. The Dàofěi can actually make really good use of the boarding shotgun because of camo and infiltration. He can make a nice area denial piece in confined areas with the shotgun but can also be used very offensively. Infiltration means the Dàofěi can get right up close and use his camo to push forward into the enemy half of the table, if you use cover effectively and move wisely you can get into the enemies face with the boarding shotgun quite early on. The great part about this is using surprise shot with the shotgun to give a negative modifier to your opponent and also denying their cover with the blast mode template. This Dàofěi is particularly scary against link teams and can pull them apart fairly quickly.

Tactical Espionage

The Dàofěi Tactical Section are again another excellent HI choice in the many varied HI choices Yu Jing have. The hardest part about playing Yu Jing is choosing which HI to take because they are all so awesome but also costly at the same time. We really do have a HI for almost every situation. The Dàofěi are a powerful midfield presence with plenty of profile options that can be used in multiple ways, you can use him as a beatstick at short/mid/long range or you can also make him a specialist and a hacker that is difficult to counter. They truly are the masters of Tactical Espionage.




So what do you like about the Dàofěi?  What are your experiences with them? Please leave a comment below and we can all share in the knowledge.