Brothers in Arms

Had a nice productive weekend painting up some more of the new Order Sergeants. This time I painted up the Spec Sergeant hacker as well as the HRL and MULTI sniper Order Sergeants.

The HRL Order Sergeant is a really cool model, lots of detail and I love the pose.


The Spec Sergeant hacker is also a great looking model. The special gear on her hacking arm is really nice. With the hacker I decided to go for a turquoise visor to break up the colours a bit.


The last one I did was the Order Sergeant MULTI sniper from the starter box. Since he is wearing a TO Camo cloak I painted him slightly different to the normal Order Sergeants to represent him as the TO Camo Spec Sergeant. The inspiration for this was taken from the old Military Orders heraldry guide on Beasts of War, particularly the tabard.


I was really pleased how well the new Order Sergeants blend in with the old ones without any massive scale issues.


The only Order Sergeant left to paint is the new combi rifle one from the new box but I’m not in dire need of her yet. It’s nice to be able to finally field a fully painted fireteam however!




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