Wrath from Above, Below and a Distance


Here is the Crusader Brethren ready to drop in and bring retribution to the foes of the Military Orders. I really like this sculpt and the aesthetic of this guy. He looks very menacing and there is a lot of detail on his armour. Painting him was a blast although quite time consuming.

The most difficult part was painting the Teutonic Cross on his tabard because of where the deep folds were. It took many attempts and corrections and cleanup!


This will allow me to bring a nice Airborne surprise to my opponent in games now, especially the MULTI rifle + Light flamethrower variety which is brutal.

As well as the Crusader Brethren I whipped up a Teutonic Auxbot as well from the new Order Sergeants box. These little guys are so cute, love the model. Super deadly and ready to cleanse and burn things with it’s big flamethrower.


The Auxbot was a great lesson for me in terms of learning to paint white. The large surfaces meant I needed to think a little bit more about what I was doing. In the end I found using nuln oil in the crevices to provide shading on top of the grey primer, then building up from a light grey to pure white in the highlight areas worked really well. It gave the white some definition rather than just flat white. A much better white than I did previously on my Yu Jing.


As well as these I decided to redo the Black Friar Sniper conversion I was working on. I wasn’t particularly happy with the hood I made nor was I happy with the Nisse’s helmet rather than the classic Military orders one.

So after removing the green stuff and disassembling him this time I filed down the bulky shoulder armour that was on the Nisse as well as remove the Nisse’s head and all of the collar from his coat. The collar and shoulder armour really got in the way and messed with the shape of the hood I tried to sculpt last time. I replaced the head with the Magister Knight’s head from the starter box since I was unlikely to use him anyway. All that’s left now is to just sculpt a Black Friar hood for him with green stuff which should be much easier this time now there is nothing in the way.


2 thoughts on “Wrath from Above, Below and a Distance

  1. Eric LE BRAS

    Once again, very nice painting here.
    I love the blue you’ve chosen, and the teutonic cross is really good !

    Hope to see the new version of your black friar finished soon…



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