Enter the Teuton

Although he is one of the lesser liked Knights in PanOceania the Teutonic Knight is still a great solo piece. He’s cheap, durable, a great shooter/ARO piece with weapons for both short and long range bands and an absolute beast in close combat with berzerk and a EXP CCW. He’s also pretty speedy thanks to the assault skill and jungle terrain helping with terrain rule missions, as well his frenzy kicking in giving him another order later on in the game.

With that in mind I happily painted up the Teutonic Knight ready for play. Since he can be taken with an explosive close combat weapon I decided to paint the the sword as menacingly as possibly, making it look sharp and white hot.


I look forward to playing the Teutonic Knight more, especially in low and mid tier games where his low points cost and high stats make him a very punchy unit without taking a huge footprint in your list.

February has been a very productive month painting wise for the Military Orders. The Teutonic Ordensstaat theme is starting to come together very nicely. Still plenty more to come!



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