Indigo Brother Konstantinos

Another one bites the dust this weekend after spending a good session on Saturday painting Brother Konstantinos. I really like the aggressive nature and dynamic pose of this model and if you have read anything about Konstantinos’ fluff you’ll know it suits him very well since he is a huge risk taker. I like how he has a satchel pack of D-Charges and his assault pistol holstered too on his back.

Painting him was relatively easy and quick with his dark fatigues done using a couple of nuln oil washes followed by deepening the shadows and raising the highlights. The hardest part was his sword since it’s so thin!



Still got quite abit left to paint but I’m thinking of doing the Crusader Brethren next. So far I’ve got left to paint:

  • 3 Fusiliers
  • 3 new order sergeants box + Auxbot
  • Order Sergeant Sniper
  • Crusader Brethren combi rifle
  • Teutonic Knight
  • Magister Knight
  • Machinist

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