Father Knight Assault Hacker + stuff on the paint table

I decided to start painting the units that lead me to fell in love with the PanOceanian Military Orders first – The Father Knights. Since this was my first one I chose the assault hacker that I had converted as my first test model to get a feel of painting blue and white armour and tabards. That and I didn’t want to paint a sword just yet as I’m still thinking what colour to do my swords…(leaning towards a teal/turquoise).

But I’m happy with the result. Big thanks to the Infinity miniatures subforum community for giving me tips on how to paint circular logos on armour, that helped a bunch. Also this guy’s tutorial on painting robes was super helpful and helped me learn how to paint tabards using my own paints that I had:

So here he is, the Father Knight Assault Hacker.


I’m thinking of doing the Father Knight from Operation Icestorm next as he looks amazing.

So what else is on the paint table? Currently I have all of these to do for Military Orders.


  • 6 Order Sergeants and an Order Sergeant MULTI Sniper at the front
  • 3 Fusiliers and 2 Father Knights in the centre
  • Konstantinos, 2 Black Friars (rifle and sniper) and a Teutonic Knight in the back

I’ve got a Crusader combi to still assemble as well as a Magister Knight and Hospitaller Knight but I’ll save them for now and work through these. Expect to see lots of blue ahead!



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