Black Friar Sniper

After a recent game with Military Orders it became apparent that I really needed some long range MSV2 support, thankfully Military Orders has access to that support in the form of the Black Friar. Currently there is no model for the sniper version but from the MULTI rifle version it’s apparent that the Black Friar wears the same style medium infantry armour of the Nisse. Thankfully there IS a Nisse MULTI sniper who is perfect for a conversion!


Converted Nisse with partially assembled Black Friar MULTI rifle

The conversion idea was simple – sculpt a green stuff hood into the Nisse. The execution however was much more difficult. I am no sculptor and I’ve never really used green stuff much before apart from gap filling so this was a real challenge and my first time doing something like this. But with some trial and error and using Vaseline to keep the green stuff flexible I managed to make some form of hood. The difficult part was making it look natural, especially because of the angle of the Nisse’s head which prevented it from being a simple round hood. I had to make sure the collar from the coat was covered too that was around the neck.


Hopefully when he is primed and painted it will look much better, the hood will be black which will hide any of my sculpting imperfections.


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