Just sweepin’

Happy Christmas everyone! Very looooong overdue but I finished my minesweeper Pangguling, it was originally the total reaction combi rifle version but I had some bad times with the wings and the ammo belts and just decided to use it as a minesweeper bot in the end. Usually I use my EVO Pangguling as the hacker or as a stand in for a minesweeper bot, but now I can take both. Flexibility is nice I guess! As is having 2 baggage bots.


I can definitely tell the difference on my older paintjob on the EVO remote compared to the minesweeper, I’m able to get the red alot more crisp and vibrant these days as well making my metal more steel esque rather than being flat. I did go back and highlight the EVO bot a little bit not too much.


All I’ve got left to paint now for Yu Jing is a Bao Troop with a boarding shotgun, once he is done I plan to do a boatload of group shots and army shots for my fully painted force!


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