So this just happened…

I blame the Infinity news forum, ever since my eye caught sight of some new renders for Order Sergeants I found it very hard to resist getting into Military Orders. Day by day went by…Week by week…And then I crumbled.


To be fair, even when I first started Infinity one of the models that always caught my eye was the Father Knight from Operation Icestorm. Those guys are just amazeballs. I had been thinking about starting a second faction anyway as I’m beginning to wrap up most of Yu Jing so what better faction to choose than Yu Jing’s bitter rival itself? – PanOceania. Or more specifically the PanOceanian Military Orders. The Father Knights have always drew me in but with new Order Sergeants coming I just couldn’t resist and dove right in. Now you might say “Isn’t this a Yu Jing only blog?!”. Well no, not strictly, I’m a hobbyist first and foremost so my hobby tastes will take me whereever they go regardless of faction.

I decided to break the mood with Military Orders and really go for the things that I like the most. The number one being Father Knights…So I got all the Knights…


I had a spitfire Father Knight as an early Christmas gift from a friend as well as one I had bought myself so I converted one into a combi rifle / assault hacker variant using the ORCs arms for Operation Icestorm. With a little filing and some bending they fit perfectly! Even got the hacker hands thing going on.


Other goodies I got for Military orders were the Black Friar, the starter box, Konstantinos, a Hospitaller HMG and also a Crusader Brethren with combi rifle. I’ve also got 3 extra order Sergeants I managed to get separately from the Infinity Facebook trading page. So with all those, the Father Knights and the Fusiliers from Icestorm box I’ve got a nice 300pt force brewing.

So is this the end for Yu Jing? Definitely not! Have you seen the new MULTI rifle Hsien?! No no, Yu Jing will always place first for me but I do look forward to next year’s shenanigans with Military Orders! Deus Volt!



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