Choo Choo! The Wu Ming Pain Train

The pain train has arrived! These guys took a huge amount of effort to paint, it’s been awhile since I’ve done proper batch painting and I kind of underestimated how long it would take on 4 heavy infantry as detailed as these. The part that took the longest was the highlighting and cleanup as there were just so many edges and curves that needed it! They were really enjoyable to paint though and the models are great sculpts.


I was a little unsure about how the Shen Ce theme would work on these guys, especially the helmets. Typically I make the knee and shoulder pads turquoise and then have the helmet a nice bright turquoise to stand out and give attention to the face. On these Wu Ming though it was a little different since the helmets were too big and had too many features to just make them light turquoise, so I compromised by just having light turquoise on the centre part.

With there being so much exposed black armour too I decided not to do black weapon casing like on my Hsien, Crane etc as I felt it would be too much black, instead I opted for a dark grey to make the weapons standout from the armour.


This Wu Ming has the number 4 written on his head in Chinese. In chinese the pronunciation for the word 4 is similar to the word for die/death so this has a negative connotation to it and is meant to be an insult to the Wu Ming who are penal troopers. His menacing pose is very cool though and I purposely kept his eyes dark and shadowed.


The HMG has a great pose and looks like he has just finished firing his HMG at an enemy.


The boarding shotgun Wu Ming’s pose suits him really well as a close assault unit, though I suspect most enemies will die more to the shotgun rather than the knife!


My favourite out of the four, this Wu Ming was originally holding a panzerfaust and light shotgun but I converted him to hold a chain rifle and SMG. The chain rifle was a spare from the Kuang Shi box and the SMG is a spare that comes in the Wu Ming box itself. I love the pose of him spraying the SMG one handed like an Uzi, so cool!

This is the pain train in plan to run in the future with the Zhanying ML. The Zhanying will provide some extra utility with his nanopulser and nimbus grenades and his ML will be an excellent blast/anti armour weapon over the panzerfaust. Even better is I can always send off 2 Wu Ming in a duo and keep a 3 man team with the Zhanying who still has his SSL2. Flexibility is nice!



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