My First Infinity conversion

EDIT: I straightened out the wrist. Yay!

A couple of weeks ago I received my order of the new Wu Ming box from Ragnarok Games (would definitely recommend him, best prices I’ve seen and amazing customer service). I’ve been busy painting other things recently so haven’t touched them yet…until last night. I finally opened the box and decided to make a start. I already had a conversion idea before I bought the box.

Getting spare parts and weapons for Infinity can be really difficult as you almost never get spares in most boxes and blisters, however I did have a spare chain rifle from the Kuang Shi boxed set since I made the boarding shotgun Kuang Shi, I also had a spare SMG that came with the Wu Ming box itself. Seeing as I wasn’t thinking about using the panzerfaust Wu Ming in the future (that’s what the Zhanying ML is for!) I decided to convert him to the chain rifle / SMG loadout so that I have two of them, giving me some extra close range punch and giving me the option of two duo fireteams!

Here is how it turned out below. The box photo shows what the panzerfaust Wu Ming normally looks like, converting it wasn’t actually difficult at all and just required some patient cutting, filing and a little green stuff. Now I have a light shotgun and panzerfaust spare that I cut off which is cool, the light shotgun should come in handy particularly in the future conversions for heavy infantry that have light shotguns as a secondary weapon.



It will probably be sometime in December when I get around to building them all and beginning the Shen Ce paint scheme on them. Pain train coming soon…


4 thoughts on “My First Infinity conversion

    1. The Invincible Army Post author

      Thanks! Ah yeah I know 😦 the angle is because of the wrist angle unfortunately if you look closely at the rear view pic. When he was holding the panzerfaust they have designed his wrist slightly bent to show the weight of it I think, so I had to line up the chain rifle with the wrist. I did think initially of bending the wrist to make it straight but then the chain rifle wouldn’t fit as the butt of it is already touching his shoulder and I had to file it to make it fit already. Hopefully when it’s painted it will look better



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