The missing Celestial Guard

I got round to painting the Celestial Guard with the smoke launcher and Kuang Shi control device finally. I blame already having 4 painted Celestial Guards for my laziness as I could just easily proxy the smoke launcher guy with my other old Celestial Guard from the old starter box and link them with the Crane Agent.

But anyway she is done!

Now that I’ve hit that magical number of 5 Celestial Guard’s it gives some more flexibility in ISS. It means I can now run a hacker separate from my Crane/CG fireteam which is nice. It also allows me to send a Kuang Shi team up the board on a suicide mission and let them run wild and then switch my core fireteam back to the Crane and his CG cronies.

Another nice thing is I’ve got another budget fireteam option in just taking 5 Celestial Guard’s, who can be used for effective smoke, defensive flash pulsing and last minute objective capping. Unfortunately I have no SWC weapons however until a new box comes out! Still, a 5 man team with a hacker, 2 FOs, a combi and a smoke launcher comes in at a decent 73pts / 1 SWC. Not bad!


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