Gŭilángs Reimagined

I love Gŭiláng skirmishers. They are probably one of my most favourite Yu Jing units and sculpts along with the Hac Tao and the Invincibles. The Gŭiláng sniper in particular has a special place in my heart since he was the first blister pack I bought after the old starter box when I realised I needed long range support, and he’s never let me down that regard.

Since they were one of my early paint jobs there were things about them that bugged me now that I’ve learnt more over the past year as a painter. I felt that the coats in particular had too much contrast and the transition from the highlights into the recesses was not very smooth with overly dark recesses. I also missed patterning on the coats too. The metal was also from a time when I didn’t really know how to paint non-metallic metal so they are quite flat and grey.

So for these reasons I decided paint strip them do a total repaint.


I’m quite happy with the result, the transitions on the coats are more subtle now and I added extra colour like red on the leg armour to help them blend in more with my main Yu Jing force. But overall I just love these sculpts, they are timeless and look very cool.



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