Troops of the Banner

I managed to paint up the new Zhanshi from the Red Veil box and they are great sculpts! So much better than the old Zhanshi, which means unfortunately my old Zhanshi will probably take a back seat now unless for some reason I’m going to field more than 3 (I could technically field up to 9 Zhanshi now if you include the doctor, engineer and hacker).


Though I can’t foresee that happening until they can Fireteam Core in the upcoming sectorials of the White Banner Army or The Invincible Army in the future. We definitely know they will be able to Fireteam in at least one of these sectorials (I suspect both) and likely up to a 5 man core team too, Carlos from Corvus Belli confirmed as much back in designer video of Red Veil on Beasts of War. For now though I may end up using the old ones if I’m fielding the Kanren in standard Yu Jing and have him holoproject as 3 Zhanshi on top of any other Zhanshi I have in my list.

Anyway just a little comparison of the old and the new:


And here are some more individual shots, I decided to add a little more vibrancy and life to my Zhanshi with some colourful hair styles!


I probably won’t get the Zhanshi SWC box until they can Fireteam in a sectorial in the future, but that’s not a big deal. I think I’ve got enough Zhanshi to keep me going..



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