Hsien Warrior Han

After finishing the Zu Yong I moved onto the other heavy infantry unit from the Red Veil box – the Hsien Warrior. As with all of my Imperial Agents I was quick to give him a name. Aptly named Han and hailing a from family with an illustrious background connected to the Dragon’s Courts, Han showed relentless loyalty to the Emperor and quickly climbed the Imperial hierarchy to become one of the Emperor’s personal bodyguards.

I painted the Hsien in my Shen Ce Imperial Service theme and thoroughly enjoyed painting this beautiful sculpt. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to do the jacket and helmet as they seem to be the main parts of the model that draw the eyes.


I’m really happy with how the sword turned out. At first I thought it might clash too much but it’s provided a nice overall contrast to the model.


I look forward to getting Hsien Warrior Han down on the gaming table soon and using that MSV2 evident in his steely gaze!





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