The Invincibles

Things have been quite productive in the past week. I finished painting my Zu Yong from Red Veil at the weekend and also did a complete strip and repaint of my old Zu Yong with HMG at the same time. I can definitely see an improvement compared to my original Zu Yong paint job as I wasn’t using a wet palette or good quality brushes back then.





Here is a comparison with my old paint job to show the difference, old on the left, new on the right:

The new Zu Yong in particular is a stunning sculpt, really dynamic pose and interesting to look at. I can’t wait to use this guy more.

I feel glad redoing the Zu Yong HMG too as now his chest armour has the ballistic cloth painted in the correct colour instead of just like armour. Even though this was done in Corvus Belli’s early 3D sculpting days it has stayed true to current scale pretty well and is still a great looking model.

So happy was I with them, that it made me want to improve all of my Invincibles! So while the paint was still wet in the palette I decided to go back and highlight my other Invincibles and improve the paint job on the armour and a few other minor details. Overall they look a lot more cohesive now and more up to the painting standards I’m pushing for.

First one to get the treatment was the beloved Shang Ji Invincible.


Next up was the Yan Huo Invincible with the Hyper Rapid Magnetic Cannon. I also touched up the base with some drybrushing to make it pop a little more on both Yan Huos.


And finally the Yan Huo Invincible with dual Missile Launchers.


Together they look quite striking but the Shang Ji’s age is really starting to show now compared to the other Invincibles. It’s still a cracking sculpt and model. The Invincible Army is slowly coming together now! I really hope they don’t ignore the Shang Ji for a resculpt during this year of Yu Jing.


I also did the same on my old Zhanshi’s armour since they were small and quick to do as well as the Tiger Soldier with Spitfire since I frequently use them in games.


That’s all for now, I’m starting work on the Hsien now in a Shen Ce theme. After that I’ll be looking to do the new Zhanshi.


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