Primed and ready…

It took a few nights but the Yu Jing Operation Red Veil miniatures are finally assembled, based and primed ready for painting. I purposely left the arms off my old Zu Yong HMG and the male aiming Zhanshi to make it easier when painting them (especially the Zhanshi’s face). I’m hoping this time to really make the red armour pop using some technique’s and highlights I learnt from painting the Guijia recently.

To begin with I think I’ll start with the regular Yu Jing models as I want to get back into playing vanilla Yu Jing more with all these lovely new resculpts. There’s a few fun Invincible themed lists I want to try out too now that I have more models available. After those I will do the Hsien and the Ninjas for ISS. Fun times ahead!




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