Operation Red Veil commences!

It’s finally arrived! Big thanks to Shiny Games, their price was the cheapest I found and their customer service was excellent as they kept me up to date with the order. 

I can’t wait to get stuck in and get these all assembled and painted up. I was fortunate to be able split the box with a friend so it was a great deal. Though it may take awhile as my hobby time is much more limited recently. I know it’s only packaging but the box is really nice!

And here are some pictures of the contents of course, really nice stuff:

In honour of the new Zu Yong sculpt and Ninja sculpt I also decided to strip the paint from my Zu Yong HMG and Ninja sniper. I did this for a few reasons, first one is that I feel like my painting has improved since I painted my first Zu Yong and Ninja so I wanted to give them a refresh so that both Zu Yong’s look as good as I can make them, same for the Ninjas. The second reason is that when I originally painted my Zu Yong HMG I didn’t realise his chest piece was part Kevlar, I painted it all like armour! I only noticed this when the new Zu Yong came out. With the Ninja I also want to do my Ninja in the Shen Ce theme now that I have the scheme nailed down and am better with painting black.

I’m still happy with my Tiger Soldier spitfire though so I think I’ll go back and add more highlights. Painting the Guijia recently taught me how to work with red again.

Most of all I’m looking forward to painting the new Zhanshi and also the bad ass looking Hsien!


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