Emergency Extraction – A Single player mission for Infinity

So I played a game of a single player mission that I created which is WIP. (You can check it out here)

I played again tonight but went down on wave 6. I can’t seem to beat my ISS!

Here was my list:



I deployed all my guys on/in the central building. Domaru and Zhanshi inside, Zu Yong and doctor prone on the roof.

WAVE 1 – 3x Celestial Guard combi rifles

My Domaru was shot at through a door but managed to dodge and dodged across the room. She then managed to kill the remaining 2 CG in ARO with her boarding shotgun from the window in cover.

In my turn the Domaru ran out of the building and killed the last CG. I then set her up watching a table edge (she was impetuous now anyway).

Everyone else moved into position and went in to suppressive fire.

WAVE 2 – 2x Celestial Guard combi rifles + 1 Pheasant boarding shotgun

In wave 2 one Celestial Guard walked on and managed to take down the Domaru, winning the face to faces both times!

The other Celestial Guard was gunned down by the Zu Yong suppressing in ARO.

The Pheasant took out my Zhanshi FO in the building.

In my turn the Zhanshi paramedic tried to shoot the Pheasant but went down in ARO. Eventually the Zu Yong took out the Pheasant Agent after a few orders of firefights. I then set up in suppression again.

WAVE 3 – 1x Zhanying missile launcher

In wave 3 a Zhanying missile launcher arrived. He took a shot at the Zu Yong but went down to suppression fire.

My doctor climbed down the building and moved in and revived my Zhanshi FO.

WAVE 4 – Crane Agent w/ Spitfire

The Crane Agent came in and shot at my Zu Yong who was facing the wrong way but missed all his shots.

In my turn I had a few firefights with the Crane but did no damage, the Zu Yong was wounded by an ARO crit from the spitfire. I decided to fail guts and go prone. My doctor revived my Zhanshi paramedic in the building.

WAVE 5 – Su Jian Spitfire

The Su Jian came in and moved up towards the building in mobility form, using the flamethrower against the doctor and paramedic inside. They both managed to dodge with the doctor moving backwards and the paramedic diving through the window!

The Crane moved up just outside of the doors to the building.

In my turn my brave Zu Yong used the ladders near the back of the building and took out the Su Jian in a couple of orders with his breaker pistols, losing his life to the flamethrower from the Su Jian.

WAVE 6 – 3x Celestial Guard combi rifles

More CG moved in from the sides and shot down my Zhanshi paramedic. The doctor managed to dodge out of the building in ARO. The Crane Agent then moved into CC with my Zhanshi FO who managed to pass 2 ARM rolls and survive!

In my turn I was in loss of lieutenant. My doctor went down to an unlucky crit from a firefight with a CG and the last Zhanshi then got chopped down by the Crane Agent.

And that was it really.

Pretty difficult if you can’t take out the enemy in your own turn, they just start swamping you. It’s super fun!


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