ISS Shen Ce Summer project

My summer project for Shen Ce ISS is finally coming to a close. They were a real blast to paint and have been really fun to play too. I’m still waiting for that delicious Hsien HMG and the Ninja from the Red Veil box and eventually I want to get the Wu Ming too.

The last model that I have just completed is the Bao sniper, a badass MSV2 sniper. A simple repositioning of the head gave this Bao a lot more character and a more dynamic pose than just the standard looking down the sights pose.

I’ll be having a hobby wind down for a bit now and taking a break but I still plan on trying to post the last few parts of the Shen Ce story. I plan to add it into the site menu too so that it can be read in order.

Here is the Shen Ce ‘Divine Strategy’ Imperial Judiciary led by Crane Agent Zhang himself.


Shen Ce ‘Divine Strategy’ Imperial Judiciary


Crane rank Agent Zhang with the ‘Dragon’s Enforcers’


The Kuang Shi ‘Correction team’ with Celestial Guard controller Lu at their side


Pheasant rank Agent Fu with his Bao Escort (Ye, Li and Ting)


The mysterious nameless AI Sophotect and her Yudbot servants


The Imperial Commissioned MK1 Su Jian


Zhanying rank Agent Tan Kanren Counter Insurgency Operative Su




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