Su Jian and Yudbots

Another productive painting weekend managing to knock out the retro Su Jian and the Sophotect’s Yudbots before that.

I really like the retro Su Jian, it looks more prototype esque and mechanical compared the new kitty style one. Although I appreciate the cultural references in the new one it looks a little too ‘perfect’ for my liking and not like experimental technology like it says in the fluff.

‘The Sù-Jiàn Program, “The Swift Sword”, is the weapons system of the future. It goes beyond tactical exoskeletons and other concepts of modern war. It is a sure bet for  progress. A jump into the future. The first step towards a war machine being a true extension of man’s will. The sublimation of the virtual warrior’

“Yes, effectiveness is great, but the best part of piloting a Sù-Jiàn is activating the boosters and running at top speed through the battlefield, or defying gravity and climbing like a spider up the side of a building to shoot a pair of antitank projectiles at the enemy from where he least expects it!”

Sergeant Yin Wenbo, Sù-Jiàn Unit. Interview for Dian Guang (The Lightning) channel. Exclusive broadcast in the Yu Jing territories’ Maya net.

I imagine the old mobility form scaling buildings like a spider much more than the Tiger. The old Su Jian also has the boosters on the model where as I can’t see any boosters on the new one.

Anyway, piccies!

And the Su Jian.


I’m almost at the end of my painting queue, just a Bao sniper and the Druze limited ed model to go!


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