Guijia Goodness! (And the Sophotect)

Although I’ve been on a serious Imperial Service binge recently I’ll never forget my first love which is standard Yu Jing.

It’s been in the works for a while but I finally managed to complete the Guijia that I won at an ITS tournament over the summer. All I can say what a model! It’s a stunning sculpt with so much detail and just amazing, it was an absolute joy to paint and it taught me a lot about painting large panels.

With the Guijia complete he is now the crowning jewel of my Yu Jing and makes for an awesome centrepiece and nasty surprise for my opponent. Hopefully he will be available in the Invincible Army sectorial in the future, bring it on! So here is the beauty that is the Guijia:


As well as the Guijia I also finished the Sophotect for my Imperial Service. Great little model and fun to paint the Mother-forge too, her face is really creepy with that AI stare!


Now I just need to finish her little Yudbots to help her out!


4 thoughts on “Guijia Goodness! (And the Sophotect)

  1. Mori kun

    Whoa !! ^^

    Very good paintjob !! The red of the Guija is very awesome and I really like the Sophotect : I’ll start an aleph force very soon and I can pick some ideas ^^


    Liked by 1 person


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