Operation Shen Ce – The Kuang Shi ‘Correction’ Team

“Entrance established! Move in the assault team!” instructed Zhanying Agent Tan.

The roaring explosion ripped a gaping hole into the bulkhead at the side of factory unit 3A. Celestial Guard Lu motioned with his hand at the Kuang Shi to move towards the bulkhead. This group of Kuang Shi had been specially selected for their insolent behavior, a bunch of vagabonds and thugs who despised authority in their past life and spat on the Emperor’s benevolence. Their appetite for stirring dissension in the society of the State Empire was soon noted by the Celestial Guard for political re-education, turning their curses into praises for the current Qing Emperor.


Lu in particular was one the chief facility operators of Yu Jing’s secret Kuang Shi political programs, having a strong record of successful ‘rehabilitations’ of citizens.

The Kuang Shi began to rush towards to the bulkhead opening, shots ricocheting at the opening from the protesters inside the factory as they scrambled to meet the new threat. Celestial Guard Lu elevated his smoke launcher slightly issuing a well placed smoke grenade into the opening covering the entrance in smoke.


The Kuang Shi chanted as they ran headlong into the smoke:

“皇帝萬歲,萬歲,萬萬歲! 皇帝萬歲,萬歲,萬萬歲!”

(Long live the Emperor! A term of praise to the Yu Jing Emperor)

The Kuang Shi poured in through the opening continuing to chant as they went, the chanting was soon drowned out by the rip roaring sound of chain rifles firing one after another. Celestial Guard Lu moved up to the bulkhead opening to survey the situation, inside the protesters and Kuang Shi entered into a vicious firefight inside the factory complex.


Some Kuang Shi were shot by the defending protesters as they ran in ignoring the shots as if it were just rain, many screams and cries echoed the walls as protesters were shredded from the shrapnel of multiple chain rifles. Suddenly there was loud explosion that sent a tremor out in the nearby vicinity. Lu checked his control device to note that Kuang Shi Zhe had exploded after being fatally wounded


The Kuang Shi pushed the protesters further and further back towards the walls of the inner complex, Lu moved in and motioned for the Kuang Shi to surge forward. As the Kuang Shi ran towards the screaming protesters who began to break in terror Lu switched the interface on the control device to the detonation sequences. With a sly grin, Lu detonated one Kuang Shi after another as they ran into the protesters.

The walls were red.

Shock assault team at the Human Edge Factory revolts – Operation Shen Ce, Year 2183



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