Operation Shen Ce – Zhanying Agent Tan ‘Eagle Eye’

As Crane Agent Zhang subdued the protesters outside and Pheasant Agent Fu led a back door recon entrance with the Bao, Zhanying Agent Tan had been tasked with opening the way for a shock assault on the factory. New intel increasingly suggested that factory unit 3A was indeed the hideout which ‘Spokesman Liu’ was operating from. Zhang had chosen Agent Tan because of his appetite for a firefight and his eagerness to prove himself to be more than just a Zhanying rank Agent. Infamously known as ‘Eagle Eye’, Tan had a reputation for being particularly skilled with a Missile launcher and had wielded it effectively against the Triads in major crackdown operations previously.

Zhang had briefed Tan with opening a hole in a bulkhead at the side of the factory so that a Kuang Shi shock team could rush in and subdue armed protesters through shock and force. Under the cover of darkness Tan approached the factory through the shipping yards of the factory, creeping between the containers.

Suddenly, he noticed signals on his HUD from his helmets sensory system. Two blips were maneuvering towards Tan from the other side of the shipping container in front of him, one on each flank. Tan drew his pistol and readied his forearm nanopulser and waited.

The two protesters waited at the flanks for a brief moment and sprang into action hoping to catch the Imperial Agent off guard but he was well aware before the protesters were. Tan dropped to the ground and span towards the first protester, his coat shimmering teal and gold Imperial broidery in graceful fashion as he fired his pistol at the protester hitting him square in the jugular. The protester spluttered and fell to the ground with a perplexed look. The other protester dived for cover, shocked at the Agent’s unbelievably fast reactions and awareness. Agent Tan followed the protester around the corner and thrust out his arm towards him, nanobots streamed out from the Agent as the protester fell to the ground writhing in pain.

Tan kicked the sensor device out of the now dead protesters hand, these protesters were clearly using state armaments and equipment. The Imperial Agent continued to weave through the containers of the shipping yard until he spotted the bulkhead up ahead. Tan climbed to the top of a shipping container and readied his missile launcher taking aim at the bulkhead. With a crack and thud the missile sailed into the bulkhead blowing a hole clean open.

“Entrance established! Move in the assault team!” instructed Agent Tan.

The Celestial Guard noted the instruction and moved towards the opening with the Kuang Shi in tow…

Shock assault team at the Human Edge Factory revolts – Operation Shen Ce, Year 2183


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