Operation Shen Ce – Pheasant Agent Fu and the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’

While Crane Agent Zhang spearheaded the initial crackdown operation on the protesters at the Human Edge factories, it was clear this operation couldn’t be handled by one team and one Agent alone. Knowing this in advance, Zhang had already selected one of the most infamous and tactically acute Agents of the Imperial Service to coordinate and command the other teams involved in the operation – Pheasant Agent Fu.



Fu was renown among the Imperial Service for his more…unscrupulous tactics when it came to anti-insurgency tasks, which made him the perfect candidate for Operation Shen Ce in Zhang’s eyes. Pheasant Agent Fu had been tasked with co-ordinating a back door entry into Spokesman Liu’s hideout with hand picked individuals from the Bào Judicial watch units, nicknaming them the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’.

As darkness settled after twilight Agent Fu and his Bào escort infiltrated factory 3A from behind to perform recon on the back entrance and eliminate any resistance.


Bao Li, Pheasant Agent Fu and Bao Ting

Shadowy figures and silhouettes could be seen through the darkness setting in.

“Scan the area for hostiles, what we have got here?” said Fu.

The Bào trooper adjusted his visors accordingly, peering through the darkness at the distant figures.

“We’ve got 8 hostiles…5 in the office block ground floor…3 on watch outside. Armaments look to be State pistols and combi rifles. This is gonna be fun.” chuckled the Bào as he patted his contender.

“Stay focused!” barked Fu.

Bào Li stopped chuckling.


Bao Li recons the enemy position

“Bào Li, I want you to provide covering fire. Kill shots only. Bào Ting, you’ll be with me through the approach where those containers are located over there” pointing to the Industrial shipping containers.

“We hit the watchers and assault the room, regulation pattern 24.” commanded Fu.

Both Bào Li and Ting nodded in agreement.


With the nimbleness and speed of high grade military training Fu and Ting sprinted across the courtyard gap towards the containers, their Imperial broidery shimmering with teal under the moonlight. Shouts started to erupt from the protesters on watch who saw them. The shouts were soon cut short as Li stood up from his position and began to open fire with his contender, tearing a hole straight through the shoulder of the first protester. Li could be heard laughing over the com channel and continued to fire.


Fu and Ting dash the courtyard

As the protesters were alerted gunfire erupted over the courtyard with shots coming from the office block and barrels near Agent Fu and Ting’s position. Fu readied his boarding shotgun for blast impact ammunition while Ting also pulled the pump action ready on his combi / shotgun. With a silent glance to each other they broke cover flanking the 2 remaining protesters outside, Fu put a round squarely in the chest of the first one however the second protester hid behind a barrel.


Ting and Fu flank the enemy

Bào Ting sprinted to the barrels executing a firm kick knocking them over, leaving the protester exposed and terrified. Inside his helmet Ting grinned as the roar of his shotgun quite literally shredded the protester to pieces over the floor.


Ting shows no mercy

“Bào Li, move up! We will suppress the office”.

Bào Li broke position as Pheasant Agent Fu began to blast the windows of the office with his shotgun one by one, Bào Ting switched to his combi rifle and hammered the door with bullets.


Pheasant Agent Fu and the Bao regroup

When Li reached their position the three Imperial Operatives slammed against the door frames for cover, ready to storm the office block.

“Ready?” smirked Fu.

Bào Ting and Li nodded.

Fu unsheathed his sword which glinted a blood red in the twilight and then proceeded to pull a stun grenade from his belt and hit the trigger button, as the grenade began to beep Fu threw the grenade round the door frame. A bright flash emanated from the room followed by screams. Bào Ting and Bào Li stormed the room with shotguns blazing with Pheasant Agent Fu following behind.


Inhuman screams from the protesters echoed across the courtyard.

Recon and control team at the Human Edge Factory revolts – Operation Shen Ce, Year 2183


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