Operation Shen Ce – Celestial Guard Unit ‘Dragon’s Enforcers’

Small arms fire could be heard rattling on the outside of the armoured Imperial drop ship. As the ship came in to land at the large protest site near the Human Edge factories, Crane Agent Zhang gave the Celestial Guard unit it’s final directives for the mission. These particular Celestial Guard’s had been hand picked by Agent Zhang to form a cohesive unit named the ‘Dragon’s Enforcers’ and were chosen based on their high conflict skills and urban experience, they were also chosen based on their morality…or lack thereof. Zhang needed Guard’s who would get this job done and deliver a satisfying result to the Dragon.


With a nod he motioned to them:

“Secure the perimeter and hem these protesters in, any that show aggressive behavior or show arms are to be put down. I want holo barriers down and the perimeter established upon landing. Weapons check.”

The Guard’s proceeded with final gear checks as the drop ship descended upon the protesters. Tear gas grenades were launched into the swirling and swarming group below from the drop ship as a space was created for landing. Small arms fire continued to rattle away on the hull.

“Bzzzzt **DOORS OPENING**”

Crane Agent Zhang stepped out of the drop ship and was attacked by protesters armed with blades who had avoided the tear gas bombardment. Nanobots streamed from Zhang’s torso silently incapacitating the protesters as they fell to ground looking confused and in utter pain. As Zhang stepped out of the ship some protesters recoiled in terror at the hulking armoured figure clad in nightmarish colours.


“Contain and control!”

The Guard’s quickly supported Zhang throwing down the holo barriers to the ground which lit up a perimeter to work from. As a line took form flash pulses were directed at the mobs blinding and incapacitating protesters. No time was wasted as the Guard’s began firing shots into the crowd at armed protesters, bullets strewed and whistled the air as the protesters fired back at the Imperial Service operatives. Zhang leveled his spitfire shooting at key targets in the mob. The firefight escalated with the protesters finding cover behind whatever scraps they could find.


“Issue smoke defensive measures!” commanded Agent Zhang.

Within seconds smoke grenades were launched into the crowd from the Guard’s sowing confusion amongst the protesters and preventing them from being able to see. There was smoke everywhere. Nearby the piercing thuds of Guard Chan’s boarding shotgun could be heard in the smoke followed by loud screams. The swarming mob turned from a united force of protesters into a chaotic and panic stricken crowd.


“Box them in, I want to extract further intel on Liu”

The Guard’s threw down more holo barriers as they advanced securing a perimeter and surrounding the protesters, firing upon any who bore arms.


The firing stopped with the protesters falling to their knees. Crane Agent Zhang stepped forward through the barriers grabbing one by the face with his armoured hand.

“Where is Spokesman Liu?” he said sternly.

Zhang’s eyes glowed intensely as the protester attempted to stare down the Agent defiantly.

“You are monsters! Your system is corrupt and the Drag-”

Before he could finish his sentence Zhang threw him to ground. As he walked away back through the barriers he raised his hand and motioned to the Dragon’s Enforcers:

“Eliminate them all”.


Screams and gunfire echoed through the factory courtyard.

First contact at the Human Edge Factory revolts – Operation Shen Ce, Year 2183



6 thoughts on “Operation Shen Ce – Celestial Guard Unit ‘Dragon’s Enforcers’

    1. The Invincible Army Post author

      Thanks, yes it is! Apart from the one Celestial Guard that is from the old starter box. Still need to paint the Pheasant Agent and Zhanying Agent from the new box but they’ll have their own part to be play in the story of Operation Shen Ce.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yasashii Fuyu

    Lovely little story, really like your colour sceme and the holo barriers fit it perfectly! Looking forward to read more of this….since I too am starting ISS at the moment and write a block about it, it kind of makes me feel like we’re walking this journey together ;-P


    1. The Invincible Army Post author

      Thanks Yasashii! Yeah I just started ISS too, let’s enforce law and order together Agent! I’ve done another piece on the Pheasant Agent and Bao but just painting the model before I publish it. I think you’ll like it though, some room storming ass kicking Imperial goodness with shotguns.


      1. Yasashii Fuyu

        Hehe, I recently finished painting my Baos as well, but it will most likely be some more days until I get to play a battle with them. When I have time I’ll make some nice pictures of all my ISS Models, the collection has grown at a surprising rate! At the moment I am more busy with painting terrain to have a nice looking table to play on….but since I am currently painting the Customeeple Forbidden Fortress….it will take quite a few more days until I’m finished with that ;-P

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The Invincible Army Post author

    Yeah you should definitely post some pics, would be cool to see. Pics give a nice visual break between paragraphs too. Oh boy the Forbidden Fortress is one hell of a terrain piece! Look forward to seeing that!



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