The ISS Project – Crane Agent Zhang

“Agent, the factories on the Human Edge are burning… Revolts are rampant as one factory after another is set on fire out of protest against our glorious State Empire. The motives of the protesters was initially unknown but our Kanren Counter Insurgents have infiltrated the protesters ranks, the intel they have provided is…alarming. It seems amongst the protesters there is one who has set himself up as a leader calling himself ‘Spokesman Liu’. Our intel suggests that Liu is spreading infectious and damaging philosophies and ideas amongst the workers calling for a ‘free state’ and ‘abolition of the corrupted Dragon courts’. I don’t think I need to explain to you how damaging these ideas are and what they mean. Liu has also begun to commandeer some of the arms factories and is equipping a small militia with State Army weaponry.

The Party has advised that these revolts are stifling our economic output and growth and causing supply shortages in the Terracotta Army regiments. If this continues to increase our internal security could be compromised, our opponents will also aim to exploit these incidents in public relations too and the waning PanOceanian regime will be sure to try and aid these protesters from behind the scenes. The Dragon has ordered that Liu and his followers must be eliminated to restore order and prevent this news reaching the Human Sphere.

Go to the Human Edge factories with your best men and make an example out of these protesters. Find Liu and eliminate him, use whatever means necessary to cull these revolts once and for all. The Dragon wants these protesters to learn that disobedience and unfilial behaviour have no place in our State Empire. To assist you in your mission our artisans at the Forbidden City have designed a new armour pattern for your unit. This pattern has been designed to have maximum psychological impact and to show the wrath of the Dragon. Your unit will be trialing this pattern to see if it aids in our internal security strategies. All local mapping, intel and relevant information have been uploaded to your Comlog.

You have been given full authorisation from the Dragon to use maximum force, use it and make a public spectacle of what happens to traitors and defectors of the State Empire. End these revolts and cut off the head of this treacherous snake. The operation commences at twilight and shuttle embarkation begins at 1900.

Do not fail us, Agent.”

Mission Briefing to Crane Agent Zhang from the Imperial Operations control, Shentang, year 2183 – Operation Shen Ce



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