Zhànshì, Yān Huǒ’s and base toppers

I’ve been busy on the painting table again recently bringing more life and character to my Yu Jing force, I’ve also begun the ISS project with some early steps.

Team Zhànshì

I finally got around to finishing off my supporting Zhànshì pieces – the doctor, engineer and hacker.


I decided to go with the wild cyberpunk colour hair for the engineer and hacker. I have to say I really like the engineer sculpt! She’s got attitude and to top it off she’s a better shot than those baggy pants Japanese engineers. Another good plus point about the colourful hair is that it is quite easy to spot where my hacker and engineer are, while at the same time they still fit in with my regular Zhànshì.


LI Pain train incoming

Overall I’m happy with the Zhànshì and they look like a unified force now.

Team Yān Huǒ

The other piece I have been working on and finished is the glorious Yān Huǒ dual missile launcher, now with Neurocinetics!

I really enjoyed painting this guy and I found that this Yān Huǒ seems to have more detail than the HRMC version, I noticed that he has extra eye sockets on the helmet and his legs seem to have more armour too. I broke the convention of painting the thick cabling for his missile launcher triggers metal and decided to give them a glowy turquoise look instead to represent the Neurocinetics.


Brothers in arms

While I was working on the ML version I went back to my HRMC and cleaned up all the decal stripes on his armour as they were too thick before, now they are proportioned correctly so that they match the ML Yān Huǒ. Alongside his HRMC brother they are certainly inspire some awe and are awesome pair when they team up together on the gaming table. I’ve had a lot of fun with them recently and I’m pleased that I have now finished all of the Invincibles (for now).

Gah…I just love these models, come on CB bring out more Invincibles!


The ISS Project

I’ve begun dipping into ISS now starting with paint stripping my 2 Bao Troops and the Celestial Guard from the starter set. These will be added to my ISS as I am going with the Shen Ce theme from the Human Sphere book. I am hoping to really make something special this time with the paint job.


Underwater operations?

I decided to purchase some customeeple base toppers as I want the bases to look sleek and more Infinity esque rather than the lazy sand bases.

And here are the Bao and Celestial Guard primed and ready for painting with the base toppers done. I haven’t glued them to the bases yet and I also haven’t glued on their weaponry. Usually I paint fully assembled but that makes some models difficult…I want to do a good paint job of these with no obstructions so I decided to paint the pieces individually and glue them at the end.


That’s all for now! Still lots of other things left to paint like the Husong and 2 Panggulings. Once they are complete I can finally begin the ISS project.


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