Busy busy busy…

After taking a good 4 week break I’m back to the painting table with lot’s to do! Human Sphere N3 landed on my doorstep when I came back from holiday as well as some new model additions so now I’ve got a rather large painting queue to tackle! Since the new EVO rules came in I knew the EVO hacker would be something special so I got some Yaopu Pangguling’s to support my growing force.



I plan on using the sexy new Druze model as my authorised bounty hunter in the Imperial Service, wait…wut…Imperial Service? (we’ll get to that)

I’ve also been busy getting in practice games and list building for some ITS tournaments coming up soon which has been a great learning experience.

At the moment though I am working through this painting queue below which is taking awhile because of all the remotes.


Uggggghhh so much highlighting…


So far I’ve managed to complete the Weibing remote and the 2 Yaozao’s, so now I need to finish the Yi Sheng, Mech Engineer, the Yan Huo, HuSong and both Panggulings so still quite a way to go.


Help is on the way!


In the mean time however I won’t be posting many new tactics articles however I will look back and try to revise my current articles now that I’ve had a chance to play around the units in HSN3.

Enter the Dragon

So the new Imperial Service starter landed and…it was just too beautiful. I just could not resist the Dragon’s call anymore. I had thought about a sectorial as a side project maybe in Ariadna or Combined Army but when this landed I just fell in love straight away. And with the overhaul the Imperial Service got in HSN3 it was a great time to start.


I AM the Law

The great thing is I can use some of my existing units which gets me up to 300pts straight away! I’ll be able to use all of my remotes and also the Celestial Guard from the vanilla box as well as the two Bao Troops in a Haris with the Pheasant Agent.

To be honest I always loved the Imperial Service, but the narrow playstyle and list builds put me off a little bit pre-HSN3. I loved the Bao but a core fireteam was expensive and difficult to work in the list and the Pheasant wasn’t really all there, but now with all the fireteam options there is just so much variety!

This is looking to be my first list just for funsies and to get a feel of the Imperial Service. Kuang Shi core link and Pheasant/Bao Haris fireteam.


I’m still trying to decide whether I want to continue with a red colour scheme for them or to go for something altogether different for the Imperial Service, maybe something evil looking like this…


But it depends on whether my painting skills are up to the challenge…we shall see!


3 thoughts on “Busy busy busy…

  1. vansambor

    Looking forward to your progress with those. Between Su Jian, Kanren and new starter I am also starting ISS, probably as everyone out there!

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