Yu Jing VS PanOceania – Operation Flamestrike – 300pts ITS Quadrant Control (No quarters)

In the Astroport slums of TianXian, cargo was franctically shipped to and fro between docks and spaceships. A conspiracy was brewing between PanOceanian and Yu Jing expediters regarding the contents of each factions cargo, with each side accusing the other of harboring and shipping illegal goods breaking international law and O-12 regulations. Communication lines were opened with O-12 overseeing but communications broke down quickly and bitterly. Military presence was ushered in by both sides into the Astroport, further accusations were made and before long the Astroport became a battlefield…


The Mission

  • Dominate the same number of Quadrants as the adversary at the end of each Game Round (1 Objective Point, but only if at least 1 Quadrant is Dominated by the player)
  • Dominate more Quadrants than the adversary at the end of each Game Round (3 Objective Points)
  • Each player has 1 Classified Objective (1 Objective Point).


We both swapped out our classifieds for Intelcom secure cards.

The Army Lists

Yu Jing




The Roll Off

Yu Jing won the roll off and decided to choose deployment order. I made PanO deploy first with YJ deploying second, PanO took the first turn.



Yu Jing and PanO deployment

Turn 1 – PanOceania

Yu Jing stripped PanOceania of 2 orders to try and soften the incoming assault. The turn started with the Aquila Guard moving forward towards a ladder leading to the rooftop, this was a coordinated order with the Orc Lt, the Father Knight and the Bulleteer also moving up. The Aquila then climbed up a set of ladders shooting at the Husong remote looking that way, his exposure cost him however as the Husong managed to knock the Aquila unconscious.


Husong guards the centre


The Aquila falls fowl of critical hits and poor dice

Taking aim the Nisse sniper takes shots at the Husong knocking it to the first level of unconsciousness.


Sentry down!

The Father Knight then moved up and climbed his way up a 2 storey building, when he reached the top he discovered a Guilang up there! After being discovered the Father Knight blasted the Guilang with his shotgun knocking him down just after the Guilang had laid down a repeater device with his dying breath.


*BZZZSHHH” “Repeater down!” *BANG BANG*

On the same rooftop a thermal hum was heard as a Croc man sniper revealed himself, he took shots at the Celestial Guard hacker killing him outright. The nearby Monks threw down smoke to protect themselves.



The Croc Man then lined up the Zu Yong in his sights making careful precision shots, the Zu Yong took a hit and decided to get down prone to break line of sight, unsure of where the sudden shots came from!


Enemy disruption!

The Trauma doc moved towards the Aquila Guard getting down prone next to him. The Croc man pulled out his pistol and shot at the beeping repeater device on the floor next to him and the bleeding out Guilang destroying it, marking the end of PanO Turn 1.


Position secured

Turn 1 – Yu Jing

Yu Jing’s turn began with the brave Monks rushing towards the newly exposed enemy. The sniper fired down at them but did not manage to take them out as they covered the area in smoke. Once the smoke was down the engineer bot worked hastily and brought the Husong back online, costing a command token in the process.



The Hac Tao hacker appeared out of hidden deployment and moved forward, being discovered by the eagle eyed Croc Man on the way. Using a co-ordinated order the Zu Yong crawled forward and got up moving further forward, the Zhanshi next to him also moved up as did the Weibing moving behind the holo-ad out of line of sight of the Nisse sniper. Rounding the corner the Zu Yong opened fire with his HMG but was unable to takeout the Nisse.


Yu Jing surge forward

The Hac Tao then moved up to the corner and shot at the Nisse with his MULTI rifle knocking him unconscious.


Sniper down

With the right flank looking more secure a Tiger Soldier walked in from the side to take advantage of the situation. Spotting a Fusilier out in the open the Tiger opened fire with his Spitfire filling the Fusilier full of holes.


The Tiger’s ferocity claims a victim

At the end of Turn 1 PanOceania held the 2 left flank quadrants with Yu Jing holding the right hand quadrants, putting the score at 1 – 1.


Turn 2 – PanOceania

There were no photos of turn 2 PanO unfortunately as it was tense! The Croc man sniper took out the Husong permanently with well placed DA rounds. Monk 3 was taken out by the bulleteers heavy shotgun as it moved up while the other Monks covered the area with smoke again. The Trauma doc activated the palbot and climbed the building to reach up to the Nisse, the palbot then moved up to revive the Nisse but unfortunately killed him! The Trauma doc then attempted to heal the Aquila Guard, it cost 2 command tokens but he finally did it! The bulleteer moved up speedily and took up position behind the centre barrels. The Bulleteer shot at the Zu Yong and hit but the Zu Yong survived and went prone behind the barrels to break line of sight. The Kamau then buffed it with enhanced reaction granting it burst 2 in the following turn.

Turn 2 – Yu Jing

Monks 1 and 2 moved towards the deadly Croc man with their impetuous orders but still staying out of sight, Monk 2 managed to take out the Croc man up on the roof with a blast of his chain rifle. Monk 1 continued to move forwards towards the ladder and began climbing up, eager to take out the Father Knight.


The Monks move up again


Blam! The croc man is downed by a chain rifle

The Hac Tao recamoed and then moved across the gap to get into the forward quadrant to try and contest the Aquila and Trauma Doc, moving up to the corner the Hac Tao engaged the bulleteer but was wounded in the firefight! With things looking desperate the Tiger Soldier moved round the flank and spent a couple of orders shooting at the Bulleteer, finally knocking it unconscious.


The Bulleteer was a real headache for Yu Jing!

Thing were still tense for Yu Jing at the end of turn 2. Yu Jing and PanOceania were both holding a 2 quadrants each, this time it was the quadrants next to the deployment zones that were being held. The Monks held 1 quadrant and the Zu Yong and Zhanshi held the other. While on the PanO side the Aquila and Trauma doc were enough points to beat the Hac Tao and the Father Knight on the rooftop held the adjacent quadrant. This left the score at 2 – 2.


A tense game…2-2

Turn 3 – PanOceania

With the attack remote down, it was down to the heroics of the ORC Lieutenant to pull through for PanOceania. The ORC Lt. moved carefully towards the Yu Jing lines. Spotting the Tiger Soldier behind the crate the ORC opened fire with his MULTI rifle taking out the Tiger Soldier. The ORC continued to advance towards Yu Jing lines taking a hit from the Zhanshi engineer on the way but making the ARM roll. The ORC moved round behind the Monks shooting Monk 2 in the back. Seeing Monk 1 climbing the ladders the ORC opened fire at the Monk on the ladder who was shot to pieces and fell to the ground.


The ORC Lieutenant makes and aggressive push


A path of devastation!

With his final order the Trauma Doc went into suppression fire, attempting to hold the rooftop on the right flank from Yu Jing!

Turn 3 – Yu Jing

PanO were now holding 3 quadrants, things were looking grim! With only 5 orders and a Lieutenant order the final turn was the stuff of legends and heroics for Yu Jing. The Hac Tao moved around to the ladder attempting to basilisk the Aquila Guard on the way, the Aquila however managed to make his BTS saves. The Hac Tao hacked again this time managing to immobilise the Aquila. Spending another order the Hac Tao climbed the ladder and shot at the Aquila Guard and Trauma Doc with his MULTI rifle, however the doctor managed to crit and knocked the Hac Tao unconscious! Oh no! The Aquila made his ARM saves and managed to reset.

Using a co-ordinated order and the final command token the Zu Yong moved to the base of the ladders while the Weibing and engineer moved forward to take over the Zu Yong’s position in holding the quadrant.


The Weibing  and Zhanshi engineer assist in securing a quadrant

Only 1 order and a Lieutenant order remained…with the Zu Yong at the bottom of the ladders. It was all or nothing now for Yu Jing.

Dropping his HMG to the floor and pulling out his breaker pistols, the Zu Yong Lieutenant climbed the ladder and vaulted over the top, blazing away at the Aquila Guard and the Trauma Doc with his pistols! The Doc was firing back on suppression, an intense gunfight began with bullets flying everywhere! The Zu Yong and the Trauma Doc cancelled each other out while the Aquila Guard was beaten in the face to face roll but survived and made his BTS save.

With his final Lieutenant order and nothing to lose the Zu Yong blazed away his pistols again at point blank hitting both the Trauma Doc and Aquila…the Doc took a hit and went down. The Aquila Guard also took a hit, it was all down to this last BTS save…

…the dice was rolled…

The Aquila failed the save and went unconscious, the Zu Yong Lieutenant secured the quadrant for Yu Jing!


The ballsy Zu Yong Lieutenant shows how it is done!

With Yu Jing securing the 2 right hand quadrants and PanOceania securing the 2 left hand quadrants, both sides were equal once again making the score 3 – 3.

End of the game

The end of turn 3 saw both Yu Jing and PanOceania equalising on quadrants for all 3 turns.

Yu Jing

  • 3 points from having equal quadrants as the adversary at the end of each turn

Total Score – 3


  • 3 points from having equal quadrants as the adversary at the end of each turn

Total Score – 3


A 3 – 3 draw! The MVP for this match was the definitely the Zu Yong who managed to survive and brought the game back from a loss to a draw for me in the final turn. I was quite amazed at how well he did with dual breaker pistol heroics at the very end, we were both very on edge!

Please rate and commend on the flamestrike website for the glory of Yu Jing!



2 thoughts on “Yu Jing VS PanOceania – Operation Flamestrike – 300pts ITS Quadrant Control (No quarters)

  1. redheadhobbies

    Great batrep, and awesome last turn! It’s great when it’s back and forth it all comes down to the last dice roll. I feel sorry for you having to play on the floor though!



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