Yu Jing VS PanOceania – Operation Flamestrike – 300pts ITS Engineering Deck

Preying on Yu Jing’s current predicament with the Nomads, PanOceania sends in a strike force to the Zhurong power plant to capitalise on Yu Jing’s diverted attention. Will Yu Jing hold the power plant from all of these external pressures?


The Mission

  • Have the same amount of Connected Consoles as the adversary at the end of the game (2 Objective Points, only if the player has Connected at least 1 Console)
  • Have more Connected Consoles than the adversary at the end of the game (5 Objective Points)
  • Secure the Objective Room at the end of the game (3 Objective Points)
  • CLASSIFIED • Each player has 2 Classified Objectives (1 Objective Point each).


Yu Jing

Data scan – Use a hacker to scan an enemy in ZoC at WIP -3

HVT Espionage – Use a hacker to scan enemy HVT in ZoC at WIP -3


Extreme prejudice – Perform a Coup de Grace

Data scan – Use a hacker to scan an enemy in ZoC at WIP -3

The Army Lists

Yu Jing




The Roll Off

Yu Jing won the roll off and I decided to choose first turn to get to those juicy objectives. I had to deploy first with PanO deploying second.


Yu Jing

T1 1

Yu Jing’s deployment

T1 3

Guilang Infiltrates next to console 1

T1 4


T1 5

Right flank

T1 6

Yu Jing HVT on right flank


T1 7

Left flank

T1 8

Right flank

Turn 1 – Yu Jing

My opponent used a command token to stop me using more than one in my first turn (a wise move).

Turn 1 began with Monk 2 and Monk 3 making a beeline for Konstantinos who was deployed by the objective room with their impetuous orders. The Jotum however could see both and AROed with explosive shots, both monks failed to outroll the Jotum with their smoke unfortunately and exploded into pieces.

Monk 1 moved forward and was more successful, managing to cover the objective next to the Guilang with smoke. Monk 4 moved up towards the objective room unhindered and used his irregular order to get closer.

The Guilang moved up to console 1, successfully capping it for Yu Jing! The Hac Tao appeared out of hidden deployment and moved up towards the objective room safely in TO camo status.

Using a co-ordinated order the Shang Ji hacker, Zu Yong HMG, Hac Tao and Weibing all moved up. The Zu Yong climbed the ladder and moved across the rooftop while the rest moved forward behind total cover.

T1 9

Guilang caps the console while the Zu Yong moves up

The Shang Ji hacker then capped console 2 for Yu Jing and continued moving forwards.

T1 12

Shang Ji takes console 2

With the Zu Yong HMG in a favourable position looking out at PanO deployment I decided to put him on suppressive fire to help him survive and to hinder the PanO response.

T1 11

Lock and loaded

The Hac Tao hacker successfully opened the doors to the engineering room and moved inside, after a couple of exchanges of fire with a fusilier through the other side the Hac Tao managed to make the Fusilier to take enough shots to fail a guts roll.

The Hac Tao then capped console 3 for Yu Jing and moved to the corner for safety.

T1 13

Hac Tao hacker ready for some BEEP BEEP BOOP

At the end of the first turn it looked like this for Yu Jing, pressing towards the middle.

T1 14

Turn 1 for Yu Jing

Turn 1 – PanOceania

For the PanO counter strike the Fusilier hacker put down supportware Fairy Dust to give a firewall to the Father Knight. Using a co-ordinated order, the Father Knight, Jotum and Machinist all move – move with the Machinist reaching base to base with console 5. The Hac Tao tried to carbonite the Father Knight but couldn’t get through his crazy BTS 12! The Machinist capped console 5 for PanOceania giving them their first console.

The Jotum then moved into line of sight of the Zu Yong HMG firing it’s MULTI HMG, the Zu Yong returned fire on suppression but unfortunately was wounded! I opted to fail the guts roll with the Zu Yong to keep him alive and went prone on the rooftop.

T1 16

Taking fire!

With the Zu Yong temporarily out of the way, the Jotum managed to draw line of fire through the doors of the objective room to the Shang Ji position on the other side, doh! The Shang Ji tried to dodge but unfortunately was blown to pieces by the MULTI HMG of the Jotum who was BS 18 thanks to the Shang Ji being caught out of cover.

Next the Father Knight spitfire moved closer to the engineering room door, the Hac Tao attempted to Carbonite him but failed to get through the firewall, the Father Knight used his second short skill to get right in the door looking at the Hac Tao.

With a cry to his God the Father Knight used assault to charge into CC with the Hac Tao! The Hac Tao pulled out his chinese broadsword and a swordfight endued…the Hac Tao beat the Father Knight causing a wound! Once again the Father Knight attempted to cut down the Hac Tao but the Hac Tao held fast, once again slicing into the Father Knight with his DA CCW, knocking him unconscious!

T1 15

A vicious sword fight begins

With one of PanO’s main assault pieces unexpectedly down PanO had to think of other ways to deal with this Hac Tao Hacker.

T1 17

The Hac Tao holds the room!

With a thermal hum a hidden deployed croc man boarding shotgun appeared and moved towards the room! The Guilang attempted to discover as it passed his line of fire but failed while Monk 1 through by the Guilang. The croc man continued to make his way towards the room…

Appearing at the door the croc man levelled his shotgun at the Hac Tao, the Hac Tao shot back with his MULTI rifle but was beaten in the face to face, taking a wound from the shotgun! Again the croc man sprayed the room, the Hac Tao chose to unleash his Nanopulser this time, knocking the croc man unconscious! The shotgun shots pinged off the Hac Tao’s armour, successfully making his ARM save marking the end of PanO turn 1.

T1 18

Hac Tao holds fast!

Turn 2 – Yu Jing

At the beginning of turn 2 Monk 1 rushed towards the room in the direction of Konstantinos, the Jotum shot an explosive shot beating the Monk’s smoke roll and exploding him into pieces. Monk 4 towards the room also drawing line of fire to the Jotum through the door, this time however the Monk managed to put down smoke at the door blocking line of fire.

With the Jotum not out of line of site behind the yellow crates the Zu Yong got back up and moves forward onto the crate from the rooftop. Drawing LoF to Konstantinos’ back the Zu Yong opened fire but missed with all his shots! The Zu Yong then used climb to get down the crate and then used another order to shoot at Konstantinos again in the back, this time he was successful knocking Konstantinos unconscious.

Using a co-ordinated order the Zu Yong moved up behind the yellow crates, the Weibing moved up by the room, and the engineer came down from the rooftop in my deployment moving towards the room.

Using another co-ordinated order I put the Guilang and Hac Tao back in to their camouflaged status.

The Guilang then left his cover and moved up, he was discovered on the way but continued to move getting close enough to the crate to block further LoF. The Guilang then placed down a repeater and moved past the Zu Yong. The Guilang then moved to the corner and placed a mine. Finally the Guilang recamoed for to protect himself.

T2 1

The trap is set

Using his irregular order Monk 4 chain rifled the exposed Machinist but the Machinist managed to successfully dodge.

T2 2

The sole surviving Monk

At the end of Yu Jing turn 2 the centre of the table looked like this.

T2 3

Getting tense!

My deployment zone still had some units in but the Jotum was preventing my Bao Troop and Zhanshi from moving up to support.

T2 4

Yu Jing still looking relatively comfortable

Turn 2 – PanOceania

Wht the Father Knight down PanO began the turn in loss of Lieutenant! Using his last 2 command tokens PanO turned 2 irregular orders into regular orders. The Fusilier opposite the engineer peeked out and shot through the room at the Zhanshi engineer, the Zhanshi failed to dodge and was knocked unconscious.

T2 5


I forgot to take photos of the rest of turn 2, but the Jotum basically vaulted onto a rooftop to shoot the Zu Yong. The Zu Yong managed to cancel the Jotum’s shots in the first volley, in the second volley the Zu Yong managed to cancel the Jotum again…in the third volley the Zu Yong managed to beat the Jotum in face to face and knocked a structure point off the Jotum! Go Zu Yong!

For the last 3 orders the trauma doc moved up towards console 4, but failed the WIP roll to cap it. A Fuslier also shot at the Weibing and managed to knock it unconscious.

Turn 3 – Yu Jing


Guilang be like…

In the final turn the Guilang really showed his worth. Breaking cover he moved out behind to get behind the yellow crate ahead, he was successfully discovered but moved to along the crate again so that only the Machinist on the right flank could see him. With another order the Guilang aimed his combi rifle and shot at the Machinist killing him outright.

The Guilang spent an order and then put another repeater down by the crate. Spending another order the Guilang moved along the crate and back to peek out and see the Trauma doc, the Trauma doc tried to shoot back but was out rolled by the Guilang and killed outright.

T3 1

Guilang takes shotS at everything around him!

Moving along the crate again the Guilang peeked out at the Fusilier behind the white crates shooting at the Fusilier, this time the Jotum managed to see. Once again the Guilang won the face to face knocking the Fusilier unconscious! The Jotum managed to get a shot off on the Guilang however knocking him unconscious.

T3 2

Guilang continues to disrupt enemy lines

With 2 orders left the Hac Tao performed data scan on the enemy HVT, scoring my classified of Data scan! With my last order the Zu Yong moved up to the corner of crate where the Guilang used to be, HMG at the ready.

Turn 3 – PanOceania

Things were looking grim for PanO but they did not give up! Using the Lieutenant order the Jotum vaulted down from the rooftop and unleashed his heavy flamethrower taking out the repeater, killing the Guilang and also hitting the Zu Yong. The Zu Yong shot back but did no damage, thankfully he passed his ARM roll.

T3 3


The Hac Tao Hacker however AROed with total control…after a couple of tense rolls I managed to successfully possess the Jotum!

T3 4


The last regular Fusilier moved out to try to get towards the objective room and contest it but was outgunned by the Zu Yong, being knocked unconscious from the HMG.

T3 5

Dying breath…

With the last order (and for funsies) the Fuslier Hacker moved out and took an explosive shot to the face from the Jotum.

T3 6


The turn ended with only the Jotum left surviving which was possessed, the plant was secure!

End of the game

The end of turn 3 saw Yu Jing with 3 consoles secured to PanO’s 1, and also scoring the classified data scan.

Yu Jing

  • 5 points from having more consoles
  • 3 points from securing the engineering room
  • 1 point accomplished from classified

Total Score – 9


  • Unfortunately nothing!

Total Score – 0


a 9 – 0 victory for Yu Jing! MVP is a hard choice between the Guilang and the Hac Tao who worked so well together. The Hac Tao single handedly took on a Father Knight, Croc man and stalled the Jotum’s advance with his hacking presence. The Guilang supported really well really went to town at the end of the game shooting left right and centre knocking out 3 guys in 1 turn.

I was also really pleased with the Zu Yong HMG who managed survive many firefights with the Jotum and also took out Konstantinos who was a key specialist in the centre. It was fun game with lots of twists, thanks for reading!

Please rate and commend on the flamestrike website for the glory of Yu Jing!



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