Yu Jing VS PanOceania – Operation Flamestrike – 300pts ITS Coffin Raiders

Note – Please excuse the poor photos as I only have a phone camera

1830 HOURS

Twilight on Flamia Island, a small crack team  of commandos authorised by the Party is dispatched to the Narooma Medical complex. The mission is simple, to break into the main data hub under the darkening twilight to catch the Tohaa off guard and to seize the crucial medical and cube data.

The team approached the complex but something wasn’t quite right…

Engineer  – “Sir look at these readings from the Chai Yi, something isn’t right here. We are getting thermal readings off the charts up ahead, aren’t we supposed to be alone according to the briefing?”

Suddenly a sniper shot whizzed past the engineers ear creating burnt hole in the wall behind him, spraying concrete debris everywhere.

Guilang – “Enemy spotted! We’ve got contact! But it’s not Tohaa…?”

Hac Tao – “Report in, what is the threat!”

Thudding sounds erupted near the Guilang’s position as bullets licked up the dirt near his feet. The Guilang briefly poked his head around the door of the complex and ducked back in to try and observe the enemy contact

Guilang – “It’s a PanOceania expedition sir, what the hell are they doing here?!”

Hac Tao – “Looks like we’re not the only ones planning a strike. We lost this hospital once, those western barbarians will pay for their insolence. Attack pattern Zulu, flank and eliminate.”

With a thermal hum, the Hac Tao disappeared from sight.

Yu Jing encountered a PanOceania expedition who had the same idea of taking the hospital complex, read on to see what happened as these two elite forces unexpectedly clashed during twilight on Flamia Island. Be sure to rate and commend for the might of the State Empire!


The Mission

  • Download the Med-Data Packs from the Tech-Coffins (1 Objective Point for each Med-Data Pack downloaded, to a maximum of 4).
  • Transmit the Med-Data Packs from the Transmission Consoles (1 Objective Point for each Med-Data Pack transmitted, to a maximum of 4).
  • Control more enemy Med-Data Packs than the adversary at the end of the game (1 Objective Point).
  • Each player has 1 Classified Objective (1 Objective Point).


Yu Jing – Test run – Repair 1 STR point

PanOceania – Extreme prejudice – Perform a coup de grace

The Army Lists

Yu Jing




The Roll Off

Yu Jing won the roll off and I decided to choose first turn to get to those juicy objectives. I had to deploy first with PanO deploying second.


Woops! I forgot to take photos. Things of note though were that my only exposed model was the Husong total reaction bot on the left flank, everyone else was in hidden cover and/or prone. The Guilang was slightly forward but stopped by the exclusion zone and the Hac Tao was hidden on the centre right flank.

PanO also deployed conservatively, only leaving a bulleteer exposed. Thankfully, the Nisse sniper deployed prone (probably to save his own head).

Turn 1 – Yu Jing

My first turn began with a rush for the central room. All 4 monks moved towards their nearest enemies with their impetuous orders and made their way to the central room with their irregular orders.

The Shang Ji, Hac Tao, Guilang and Bao Troop started to make their way to the central room with a co-ordinated order. The Guilang cautious moved into the room to avoid the Aquila peering down the door, then he put down a repeater in the room and also laid a mine at the door, after that he recamoed. The Hac Tao moved near the right hand door.


An overview after YJ’s turn 1 movements


YJ Left flank

The CG Hacker supportwared the Husong with Marksmanship L2 and opened fire on the Bulleteer, however the bulleteer managed to crit knocking the Husong unconscious! The Yaozao from the engineer repaired the Husong but at the cost of a reroll using a command token. This left Yu Jing with only 2 command tokens left but I did achieve my classified of test run.


Beep beep boop

The doctor and Zhanshi para waited patiently by the consoles for heavy hitters to bring back the data, the doctor used an order to move up the Yaozao to support to the midfield troops.


YJ right flank

With all my orders spent, I waited in anticpation for PanOceania’s response.

Turn 1 – PanOceania

PanOceania began the turn by removing obstacles. The Aquila guard discovered and shot the mine at the doorway of the room. Once this was clear the Croc man FO was able to move up close, the Guilang decided not to ARO and reveal himself leaving the croc man free to get in the room.

PO TURN 1 6.jpg

Aquila clears the way

PO TURN 1 5.jpg

Croc man steps into the room…

The croc man then decided to Discover + BS attack the Guilang, the Guilang responded by shooting back…the Guilang crit…then the croc man crit! And nothing happened. The croc man then opened fire again and his superior burst and BS won the face to face this time knocking the Guilang unconscious.

PO TURN 1 7.jpg


With the Guilang down the croc man added insult to injury by stepping on the Guilang’s neck, accomplishing a coup de grace and a classified objective for PanOceania.



After this the Croc man opened fire on the repeater on the floor which amazingly passed it’s ARM saves! The Croc man fired upon it again taking it out for good this time.

Other happenings of note was the Nisse sniper standing up and taking shots at the Husong, knocking it back to unconscious again! The Kamau hacker also put Marksmanship L2 onto the Bulleteer. Using a co-cordinated order my opponent put a bunch of guys on suppression fire – the bulleteer, the Aquila Guard and the croc man.

Turn 2 – Yu Jing

Now was the time to push for the room and gain revenge for the Guilang! Monk 1 on the left flank made a run towards the Father Knight with his impetuous order but failed to dodge the Nisse’s keen aim, being killed by a well placed shot. Monk 2 burst into the room with his impetuous order and chain rifled the croc man FO, the Aquila guard ARO shot the Monk wiping him out. The Croc man tried to dodge the chain rifle and broke suppression, but he failed  to dodge and got knocked unconscious! Monk 3 and monk 4 moved towards the nearest enemies while entering into the room, Monk 4 dropped smoke at the door by the croc mans corpse (no template in pic but it is smoked).


Yu Jing moves in to capture the data

Using a co-ordinated order the Hac Tao hacker and Shang Ji paramedic moved into the room and the Bao Troop moved up to the door. The Hac Tao cautious moved over to one of the tech coffins avoiding the Aquila’s steely gaze, he then proceeded to download the med data successfully. The Shang Ji also downloaded the med data successfully and then set himself up on suppression fire.

The Hac Tao hacker then proceeded to hack the bulleteer with basilisk, the bulleteer opted to reset breaking suppression and the Kamau Hacker and Father Knight both decided to ARO hack through the bulleteer. The Kamau did brain blast and the Father Knight did Carbonite. The Hac Tao did burst 2 basilisk on the remote and burst 1 on the Kamau. The bulleteer failed to reset and failed it’s BTS roll becoming IMM-1! The Father knight hacked the Hac Tao unopposed and managed to make him IMM-1 until the end of the turn. The Hac Tao beat the Kamau but the Kamau made her BTS save.

YJ TURN 2 10

Hacking goes into overdrive as the centre becomes a hack fest!

With the door smoked previously from Monk 4, the Bao Troop moved up and fired through the smoke with the boarding shotgun on blast mode at the now IMM-1 bulleteer. Using his X-Visor and hitting on 9s the Bao managed to score a solid hit, knocking the bulleteer unconscious!

With the bulleteer down the engineer activated his bot once again and repaired the Hu Song who had been downed by the Nisse sniper.

YJ TURN 2 11

Husong back online!

With casualties happening at the front the doctor decided to move up a little and reposition the Yaozao doc by the door with the Bao Troop.

YJ TURN 2 12

Doctor moves up an empty right flank

Using an order the Chai Yi moved to get it’s repeater in range of the Husong, the CG hacker once again supportwared it through the Chai Yi with Marksmanship L2 for the coming PanO turn.

YJ TURN 2 13

Beep boop beep!

Turn 2 – PanOceania

I don’t have any photos for what happened in PanO’s turn 2 but they started to deal some damage! The Aquila Guard re-positioned around the crates at the back to get a view on Monk 4 and the Bao Troop, splitting his burst between them. Monk 4 failed to dodge and was knocked unconscious and the Bao Troop was beaten in the face to face shoot out, also going unconscious.

The Kamau hacker moved up to hack the Hac Tao but was carbonited by him putting him into IMM1. Both Auxilias moved up to get nearer to the room. The Nisse sniper had a few exchanges with the Husong and managed to down it to unconscious again, making the way clear for the Father Knight.

The Father Knight hacker also moved forward to basilisk the Hac Tao, but after several orders was unable to achieve anything meaningful and the Hac Tao stood firm. The Aquila went onto suppression fire marking the end of PanO turn 2.

PO TURN 2 14

Hacker moves in…

Turn 3 – Yu Jing

Yu Jing’s final turn began with tension as PanO troops were right ouside the door! The last remaining Monk 3 moved towards the Father Knight with his impetuous order but remained in the room still. With his irregular order he rushed out to chain rifle the Father Knight and Bulleteer. The Aquila Guard hosed him down with the HMG and knocked him unconscious, the Father Knight managed to dodge and the bulleteer made his ARM save, doh!

YJ TURN 3 17


Using an order on the doctor the Yaozao moved over to the Bao Troop and managed to revive him, the poor Yaozao got shot by the Aquila however and went down. The engineer activated his bot and repaired the Husong again! The CG hacker then proceeded to buff it with Marksmanship L2 through the Chai Yi. The Chai Yi then moved over to the objective room door looking inside.

YJ TURN 3 15

Turns out doctors ARE useful after all!

With only a handful of orders remaining the Shang Ji paramedic made a dash for the console with his med data. He took a shot from an Auxilia on the right flank on the way but managed to pass his ARM save.

YJ TURN 3 16

A long run from the room!

The Shang Ji punched in the med data to the console and uploaded it to Yu Jing high command. With no orders remaining Yu Jing could only wait to for PanO’s assault.

YJ TURN 3 18

Upload complete – 100%

Turn 3 – PanOceania

The heat was on for PanO in the final turn to make a last grab for med data. With the Husong back online again the Nisse Sniper stood up to put it down once again knocking it to double unconscious, this cleared the way for the Father Knight to move again without being shot.

PO TURN 3 21

The very busy Yaozao

The way needed clearing to the room, the Aquila Guard opened fire with the HMG once again and put the Bao Troop back down leaving only the Hac Tao Hacker holding the room alone! The Father Knight moved up to use carbonite against the Hac Tao and the Hac Tao responded with Oblivion. The Father Knight failed to hack the Hac Tao and lost the face to face, he then failed the BTS save making the Father Knight isolated and unable to receive any more orders from the pool! It also meant his hacking device had been switched off.

PO TURN 3 20

Signal lost! *beeeeeep*

With only a few orders left the Kamau moved forward and basilisked the Hac Tao, the Hac Tao carbonited back winning the face to face but the Kamau made his BTS save. In a last ditch attempt the Kamau ran into the room and went to hack again with basilisk, the Hac Tao loaded his MULTI rifle on shock….one shot…crit! The Kamau went down.

PO TURN 3 19

The infowar is real

With the end of the turn in sight the PanOceania forces withdrew, this infowar was too overpowering!

End of the game

The end of turn 3 saw Yu Jing with 2 med data downloads and 1 uploaded, and also the test run classified objective accomplished.

PanOceania had managed to accomplish the extreme prejudice classified but couldn’t crack the room to get the med data.

Yu Jing

  • 2 points from med data downloads
  • 1 point from med data transmission
  • 1 point accomplished from classified

Total Score – 4


  • 1 point accomplished from classified

Total Score – 1


A 4 – 1 win for Yu Jing! This was a really tough mission for both of us and was incredibly order intensive. Seizing the first turn is definitely an advantage in this mission with a hard push for the central objective room. My force as a whole worked really well for me, with the Guilang, Monks, and Husong costing my opponent precious orders and being a speed bump. The Bao made a surprising contribution in knocking out the enemy bulleteer which was watching the doors. The Shang Ji did his part in downloading the data and making a mad dash while my support units did fantastic in keeping the remote going and reviving the Bao.

The MVP definitely goes the Hac Tao Hacker however who took on 2 enemy hackers and held the room, what a monster! The infowar in the centre of the board was crazy and me and my opponent had a great time with all the hacking going on, it was a fun game once again! Thanks for reading!

Please rate and commend on the flamestrike website for the glory of Yu Jing!



3 thoughts on “Yu Jing VS PanOceania – Operation Flamestrike – 300pts ITS Coffin Raiders

  1. Buxbaum

    Great battle report! Husong vs Nisse is always a problem, you really need to have luck and crit to win this. I like your list, even without heavy weapons and only 2 SWC you have enough power in the midfield!

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