Brush Time – Dàofěi WIP Part 1

Welcome to another brush time. This time I am painting the infamous Dàoféi, I had to pick this guy up as he is the only camouflaged infiltrator Heavy Infantry in the game and only Yu Jing have him! He is a real nasty surprise in the midfield for your opponent.

Laying down the foundations

I like to undercoat in black to give depth and shadows to the miniature when painting, this is perfect for the Dàoféi since I am going for a dark colour scheme with him similar to the Hac Tao. To begin with I always start with the base as I like to drybrush for speed and this prevents getting paint on the miniature later on. The base was a simple method of drybrushing grey in progressively lighter layers. Then around any rocks I would brush in some brown and wash it with GW Agrax earthshade to make a dirt effect.


The next step was to drybrush a dark grey over all of the miniature to bring out the detail.


Applying the glow

The next step was apply the glow effect, the Dàoféi has alot of fine detail on the servo muscle fibres so I decided to drybrush to achieve the glow. This was done by starting with a dark turquoise and adding more and more white with each layer to give a glow effect. This was drybrushed on, I wasn’t really neat with this as at this point it doesn’t really matter and there is a way to make the mistakes look like glow later on.

I wanted the mane to also match the colour of the servo muscle fibres too so did the same effect through drybrushing, the end point just needs painting to look metal now.


The OSL on the eyes and armour exhausts was achieved using the same method of painting layers from darker turquoise to light, except this time I didn’t drybrush but layered using a detail brush and did it with more accuracy.


Further basecoats and darkening

For the next step I created a black glaze using a mixture of black paint, liquitex matte medium and water. I then applied this glaze all over the armour multiple times (about 3 layers?) till I was happy it was dark enough but retained some of the grey drybrushing highlights. I also used this glaze directly over the glow mistakes I had made on the armour so that they would still show through just slightly but very darkened.


I also started to lay down the basecoats of white for the helmet and MULTI rifle casing. The shoulder pads and wrist armour were also painted with a red basecoat in anticpation for future highlights.


Next up, detail

That’s all for now! In the next part I will be applying further detail such as highlights to the gun, the armour, painting the sword and scabbard, finishing off the mane and also painting the pistol and holster.

I would love to see your Dàoféi and hear your comments!


2 thoughts on “Brush Time – Dàofěi WIP Part 1

    1. The Invincible Army Post author

      Hi Clide, I use Vallejo Model colour white and mix it with a little bit of liquitex matte medium and water to make it thin and not lumpy. I then do about 3 layers letting it dry in between each layer.



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