Yu Jing VS MRRF – Operation Flamestrike – 300pts ITS Engineering Deck

0300 HOURS
The console flashed up red in front up of the Zhanshi Lieutenant stationed on the night shift in the engineering bay, startling him out of his lulled tired state. Before he could even get out of his seat to investigate the security system had activated with alarms ringing loudly through the bay issuing the warning:

“Enemy incursion detected, sector A5 Central, initiating lockdown”

In the distance shadowy figures and shapes moved towards the crucial engineering room in the bay.
Zhanshi Lt: “All crew we have an enemy incursion in sector A5 Central! Urgent! Please respond!”

The Lieutenant and his fellow Zhanshi grabbed their combi rifles and ammunition, as they were preparing 3 Monks approached him.
“How are we supposed to meditate with all this noise! These fools will feel the wrath of disturbing our devotion to Buddha, Amitabha”

A few moments later the responses rolled in:
“Local engineer reporting in, Weibing Yaokong issued to identify enemy threat ASAP. I have activated a Husong which will be with you shortly”
“Doc here, Is there ever a night when I am NOT required?! On route”

A Celestial Guard and a Bao Troop who had been issued to investigate internal corruption appeared on the scene – “This is the work of traitors whoever let these in!”

In the elevator behind the Zhanshi Lieutenant the doors slid open, 2 heavily armoured figures walked towards the Lieutenant, the respected Shang Ji and feared Hac Tao.

Hac Tao – “Stand aside trooper, I am taking command over this incursion. This is no ordinary threat. My brother here will make sure no one reaches the central room”

As a hastily mustered defense took shape the Zhanshi Lieutenant who was stripped of his command saw a shadowy figure in distance, for a moment he glimpsed a sweeping coat and the glow of eyes which then disappeared again, Was it a friend or foe?

“Guilang reporting in”
Hac Tao – “Attack pattern Beta, maximum disruption, let’s take out these meat popsicles”

The Zhanshi heard a thermal hum, and the Hac Tao disappeared from sight completely.

When the new Operation Flamestrike campaign launched I couldn’t wait to get my feet wet! I didn’t take many photos unfortunately of the action as I was so consumed with the battle.

Check out the battle on the link below, be sure to rate and commend for the might of the State Empire!



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