Brush time – Shàng Jí Invincible Mk. II

This repaint was a long time coming but I knew it would have to happen at some point. The Shàng Jí was the second Infinity model I painted after the Zhànshìs when I first got my starter box and was pretty much the model that got me into Yu Jing.

Back then I was experimenting with my paint scheme  and palette a little and hadn’t settled on how exactly I wanted to paint servo armoured troops. This ended up leading to my Shàng Jí looking a little…weird, especially the helmet and face. Also because it was one of my first Infinity models to be assembled too I really screwed up gluing the arms on so that he wasn’t holding the combi rifle straight.

I finally decided to put all of this right by totally paint stripping and disassembling the Shàng Jí and doing him from scratch. To strip the paint I used Dettol antiseptic liquid and left it to soak in a sealed jar for 24 hours, the paint came off very easily with a good scrub from an old toothbrush. Once he was stripped, washed and dried I pulled the parts off gently and they came off easily, next I used nail polish remover and soaked the Shàng Jí in it to weaken the super glue. After about 15-20mins I was able to start peeling the old super glue off like it was rubber!

The Plan

The main things I wanted to change about him in this paint job were to have a more coherent paint scheme with the rest of my army and to apply OSL effects to him on his eyes and his wrist screen. I wanted to paint his servo fibre muscles like the Zu Yong’s too so that they would match and look powerful.

Before I paint miniatures now I sit down for a good 15 minutes with the model in front of me and I think about what colours I want to use where and how I want it to look. I also look online for inspiration and for possible effects that I could apply to my paint scheme. It’s a process worth trying as it formulates a plan in your head and preps you for painting.


Basecoats and some simple drybrushing to begin with


Drybrushing helps to bring out the detail, especially on servo fibres

Sometimes it is good to stop and think half way through a paint job too, once I had done the basecoats above I sat back again and thought about what direction I was taking the paint scheme and how I was feeling about it. The basecoat stage is the best time to make any last minute changes or decisions before you get into washing, detail and highlighting.

Mk. II

Once I knew what I wanted to do I dived right in! I love this model and it has an amazing profile, so an awesome heavy infantry unit deserves an awesome paint job! So I present to you the Shàng Jí Mk. II.


Compared to my old paint job this one pulls miles ahead, especially on the helmet and servo fibres. I reversed the red and white on the shoulders pads too so that there was less white on the shoulders but made the helmet more white instead, drawing attention to the helmet and eyes more. I also made the kneecap armour white too to match the Zu Yong and Yan Huo.


He also blends in with the rest of my force now and looks great with the other Invincibles. Even when the new sculpt eventually comes out for this guy in the future I will still field the old one as he still looks good! A real credit to the sculptor.


Old vs New


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