Brush time – The Next Level WIP Part 2

WARNING: This post is photo heavy!

I wanted to push my painting skills further and attempt new techniques that I had not tried before, OSL was a technique that kept gripping my attention and looked stunning on Infinity models! I decided to invest in a couple of Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes to make sure I had the right tools for the job and also invested in some Master’s brush cleaner (oh my word this stuff is amazeballs). If you are serious about improving your painting, I would heartily recommend these.


After having initial success experimenting with OSL glow on my Zú Yong Invincible I decided to go back and apply this effect to all of my units and also apply some extra details and highlights too to each unit. I also used the opportunity to research how to take better photos with my smartphone. I used an app on google play called Open Camera which has really helped improve the quality of the close up shots on my smartphone, I also got a nice blue background by using a cheap card folder from work.

It was really nice to go back to my first paint jobs and give them some more love, now I’m really happy with them! So here are results!



Old paint job


New paint job

For the Zhànshì I painted a very simple OSL glow on their wrist screens, I also did some further orange highlights on the armour which are hard to pick up on camera. Most importantly I went back and painted their eyes and fleshed out their face more to give them more character as before I had not painted the eyes at all. The Winsor and Newton brushes helped greatly to achieve this.

Zhànshì #1


Zhànshì #2


Zhànshì #3


Celestial Guard

For the Celestial Guard I painted OSL glow on his eyes and wrist screen, I also added extra armour highlights and decided to paint the unit logo on his back as it was a nice little addition I had seen online.


Old paint job


New paint job


Domaru Butai

For the Domaru I gave her eyes and wrist screen the OSL treatment and also added some more armour highlights. I also decided to redo the servo muscle fibres and gave them a turquoise glowing effect. Turquoise seems to really work well with red and gives a nice contrast.


Old paint job


New paint job


Zú Yong Invincible

The Zú Yong was the guinea pig for my OSL scheme originally but he wasn’t completed yet, so I made sure I finished him before moving onto the other models. The Zú Yong got a full treatment of OSL almost everywhere. I did OSL on his eyes and on the thermal emission exhausts on his back, I also painted the servo muscle fibres with a glow effect and gave all of his armour more red/orange highlighting.


Tiger Soldier

The Tiger Soldier was quite tricky as his servo muscle fibres and pipes were quite small and so were his eyes. I used the same method for both again but I also did some OSL on the exhaust points of his Jump gear on his back. Again I did some more red/orange highlights on the armour.


Old paint job #1


Old paint job #2


New paint job


Gŭiláng Skirmishers

For the Gŭiláng Skirmishers I attempted OSL mainly on the eyes and wrist screens too but also on the MULTI sniper rifle. This was tricky as doing OSL on white was difficult without making the glow colour too ‘blocky’ over the white.


Old paint job


New paint job


Bào Troops

The Bào Troops…whew…these were tough! I did OSL on the eyes which was really difficult in such a small space! Thankfully the sharp Winsor Newtons really helped me out here! I did OSL for the eyes, the arms and also the thermal indents in the back of their armour (powering the visors I guess?).

For the faces I also painted dark lines for where the face plates are divided to give the face more detail, I also highlighted the armour with red/orange.


Old paint job


New paint job


Hac Tao Special Unit

With the Hac Tao I did OSL for the eyes and for the small lights that are built into his armour which I ignored on my first paint job. I also did the servo muscle fibres in the same way as before. For his armour I decided to make it more dark so used a black glaze to darken it down, this was then followed up with pure white highlights to really make the armour pop.


Old paint job


Yān Huǒ Invincible

For the Yān Huǒ I didn’t do too much OSL, only on his eyes and I made the HRMC lens more turquoise. I decided not to make the servo muscle fibres glow and kept them grey like the studio scheme, this makes the Yān Huǒ stand out a little bit from my other heavy infantry who now have the servo muscle fibre glow and makes him look more heavily armoured. The main body of work went into doing extra highlights all over the Yān Huǒ’s armour, these are difficult to pick up on camera.


Old paint job #1


Old paint job #2


New paint job


Shàng Jí Invincible WIP

The Shàng Jí Invincible is currently in WIP status as I decided to completely paint strip, disassemble and reassemble him and start again! The reason for this is that I glued his arm on incorrectly when I first bought him and got a lot of glue everywhere. He wasn’t quite aiming correctly before but now he is! Thankfully superglue can be removed quite easily using nail polish remover.

I was also never fulled satisfied with the first paint job and kind of winged it first time around. This time I am going for a slightly different paint scheme for him which I think will look much better than the old one, I will also do OSL and use all the new techniques and things that I have learned so far. However currently he is in WIP with just the basecoats on at the moment.


Old paint job and not aiming straight


New WIP paint job


Don’t be afraid

I was hesitant at first to go back over my old paint jobs but I’m glad I did. I wasn’t sure if it would work since I did 2 layers of gloss varnish and 2 layers of matte varnish in the past, but this didn’t affect repainting anything at all! Not to mention never trying OSL before scared me as it was a new technique. I got OSL wrong a few times before I finally figured out, always keep persisting and trying to take your painting to the next level.

If you are thinking about redoing some of your old paint jobs my advice would first be don’t be afraid, you can do it! Approach it with patience and a plan in mind of what you want to do before the brush touches the model and you won’t go wrong.


4 thoughts on “Brush time – The Next Level WIP Part 2

    1. The Invincible Army Post author

      I use size 3 and size 1. Size 3 is for all of my basecoating work and large surface areas like the servo armour, size 1 is for pretty much everything else and all the detail work. Size 3 is quite big so you would probably be better off with size 1 and size 0



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