Brush time – The Next Level WIP Part 1

So recently I’ve been rather distracted by everybody’s miniatures online that have a glow effect on them. It just looks so damn good on Infinity models! At first I shied away from trying to do this technique myself as it looked difficult but the more I looked at my own models, the more I couldn’t stand them without glow! Examples like this Gŭiláng below made me very envious to have the effect on my own troops.


Glow effects like this make me drool…

Yu Jing definitely have the tech and the servo armour to pull off this look, so I decided to go back and patch up all my models with OSL/glows and possibly some further red/orange highlights on the armour to accentuate them further. At first I tried doing yellow glows but it was quite difficult to do so I switched to turquoise since red and turquoise compliment each other a lot.

My most recent WIP of this is my Zú Yong who was the guinea pig for the glow. So far I have finished the glow on his eyes and thermal emissions on his back, I have pretty much done the pipes but might add one more further fine white highlight. Next I’ll do more fine highlights on the armour using some sort of red/orange mix.



Oooo pretty glowy stuff

I’m also in the process of completely repainting my Shàng Jí who I stripped, reassembled and have just done the base colours on, he should look way better than my old Shàng Jí scheme once complete! He was one my first Infinity paint jobs after the Zhànshì and I also glued his gun on slightly wrong at the time. Since he is one of my favourite models I just had to go back and do justice for him. I will be redoing all of my heavy infantry with the glow and servo pipes and also be adding glow to some of the wrist panels on the light infantry too, it should hopefully make my colour scheme more interesting!

The Recipe

As a father I don’t have a huge budget so I like to find good value where I can, I use Vallejo paints for all of my painting but buying a bunch of Vallejo paints just for turquoise wasn’t really an option for me and I didn’t have any blues or greens for mixing so I searched for alternatives. Amazingly The Works have an acrylic paint set that works out well for only £5- see here. These paints are surprisingly good but one thing to be aware of is that they are very transparent while at the same time been thicker than Vallejo. They require multiple layers to really get the colour down. After mixing a little bit of liquitex matte medium and water in they become brilliant for blending and layering. (60 paint / 20 liquitex / 20 water mix)

For my glow all I did was take the turquoise from this set for my base layer colour for the glow, I then added some white for my mid-tone layer, then added further white for the final light turqouise layer. For each layer I painted a smaller area each time keeping the brighter layer in the centre. I finished it off with a dot of white for the light source and also highlighted the edges with the 3rd bright turquoise layer and a touch of white.

Brush brush brush!

That’s all for now, I’m going to be working on this unit and going back over all of my old units with glow and some more red/orange highlights! This is likely to take some time but I hope to do another post in the future with pictures of progress on all of my units. If you know any good tips/tricks for quick and easy glow/OSL techniques please comment!


2 thoughts on “Brush time – The Next Level WIP Part 1

  1. Phil Brown

    Nice one, glow effects are definitely the way ahead with YJ!

    I practiced my glow effect recipe on my first army, Nomads, so when I was ready to ditch those barbarians, I was reasonably happy to dive straight into the YJ glow.

    I found that the most important thing to do was to make sure that I had a solid layer of white underneath before going over it with my glow colour – in my case, Vallejo Neon Green (love that paint!). Second most important thing was to add a white dot in the centre, afterwards. That hot-spot made a massive difference.

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