Yu Jing VS PanOceania – The Armory 300pts ITS

Note – Please excuse the poor photos as I only have a phone camera

The Hyperpower and Superpower clash again! As I had started building an Armory for our games we decided to give it a try in a 3oopts game of the Armory from ITS. Once again me and my PanO friend used the living room floor until we get our Micro Arts Studio mat, I was enjoying the game so much I forgot to take regular photos unfortunately! But I still have enough to give you an idea of the action.

The Mission

ITS The Armory – 300pts

  • Dominate the Armory at the end of the Game Round (1 Objective Point).
  • Dominate the Armory at the end of the game (3 Objective Points).
  • Acquire more weapons or items from the Panoplies than the adversary at the end of the game (2 Objective Points).
  • Each player has 2 Classified Objectives (1 Objective Point each one).

The Army Lists

Yu Jing


Seize the tech, grow the economy!




The Roll Off

PanOceania won the roll off and opted to choose deployment sides and order, making Yu Jing deploy first. Yu Jing opted for first turn.


No deployment photos unfortunately, whoops!

I deployed my Bào Troop and Celestial Guard on the left flank with a Monk. In the centre I had my Hac Tao, Zú Yong, Shàng Jí and Gŭiláng and a Monk all ready to rush into the armory. In my back field I had my Zhànshì Lieutenant and an FO. On the right flank I had another monk and the Zhànshì paramedic.

Opposite to me was the Jotum and Nisse on the left flank, with the machinist and his palbots nearby. The Kamau hacker, Father Knight and Bulleteer were in the centre with a Fusilier paramedic in the backfield. Up on a building prone was the Fusilier Lieutenant and a Fusilier FO.

The Yu Jing HVT was deployed just outside my deployment on the left flank.



The Pano HVT was deployed opposite on the left flank.



Turn 1 – Yu Jing

My opponent stripped me of 2 orders leaving me with 7 orders for the first turn. The first turn was a mad dash to the Armory for Yu Jing. Monk 1 stepped out with his Impetuous order on the left flank in line of sight to the Jotum and Nisse, he attempted to dodge but was beaten in the face to face, exploding in a shower of red mist from the Jotum’s explosive shot.

Monk 2 and 3 both used their impetuous orders and irregular orders to move up closer towards the Armory, dropping smoke on the way.


The central path towards the Armory for Yu Jing

I used 2 command tokens and did 2 co-ordinated orders one after another to move the Shàng Jí, Gŭiláng, Zú Yong, and Hac Tao up to the Armory, moving up the central pathway away from the Jotum and Nisse. The Shàng Jí successfully hacked the doors with lockpicker to let everyone inside without opening all the doors and 2 more co-ordinated orders later, the Yu Jing strike force piled into the Armory.


The Shàng Jí cracked open a Panopoly and gained ODD from the booty chart. The Gŭiláng also cracked open the other Panopoly to gain +3 ARM from the booty chart. My last few orders were spent putting 2 mines down and recamoing the Gŭiláng in preparation for PanO’s response.


Turn 1 – PanOceania

PanO started the turn by using a couple of co-ordinated orders to move up the Father Knight, Kamau and Bulleteer. The Kamau and Shàng Jí entered into a hacking duel with the Kamau attempting to brainblast the Shang Ji, the Shàng Jí tried to blackout the Kamau to disable his hacking device. Unfortunately the Shàng Jí lost the first face to face roll and took a wound, in the second face to face roll he lost again and took another 2 wounds, causing his head to explode!


POP! The Shang Ji’s head exploded.

The Gŭiláng attempted Oblivion on the Father Knight who moved up but couldn’t get past his BTS. The Kamau then moved up and spent a couple of orders to lockpick the Armory door and opened it up. The Gŭiláng attempted to blackout the Kamau but failed the roll. The Kamau then brainblasted the Gŭiláng, who failed to blackout again and went unconscious with a severe headache! The Father Knight moved up and set off the mine but was unscathed. The Bulleteer attempted to discover + shoot the other mine but failed the discovery roll.


Guilang – “Give me some paracetemol”

With both hackers down it was looking worrying for Yu Jing. The Father Knight moved up again in sight of the Zú Yong who exchanged shots. The Zú Yong won the face to face putting a wound on the Father Knight, marking the end of turn 1.


End of Turn 1

At the end of Turn 1 I was holding the Armory with the Hac Tao and Zu Yong, making it 1 – 0 to Yu Jing.

Turn 2 – Yu Jing

Both Monks continued to make their way towards the enemy and the Armory with Monk 2 entering inside, Monk 3 smoke dodged the bulleteer near the Armory putting smoke down. Monk 2 attempted to gain line of sight to the Kamau but couldn’t quite see him, and dodged the bulleteer. Turn 2 began with revenge for the fallen hackers. The Bào Troop turned the corner spotting the Father Knight in the distance with his powerful visors. Leveraging the X-Visor well over 24″ the Bào Troop killed the Father Knight with a couple of clips from his combi rifle.


The Bao Troop leverages the X-Visor for vengeance

With the Father Knight removed the Zú Yong Paramedic shot a medikit to the Gŭiláng for his severe headache but ended up killing him! Must have been bleeding too long. The Hac Tao stepped up and moved into line of sight of the Kamau and Bulleteer. The Kamau opted to dodge while the Bulleteer attempted a shot, the Hac Tao used surpise shot on the Kamau unloading all 4 HMG shots into him. The Kamau went down unconscious and the Bulleteer missed his shot against the Hac Tao.


With the Kamau unconscious the Hac Tao went for a daring move and stepped outside the Armory into base to base with the Kamau, performing Coup de Grace and taking the Kamau’s head as vengence for the Gŭiláng and Shàng Jí. This accomplished my classified of extreme prejudice. The Bulleteer took a shot in ARO at the Hac Tao which hit but the Hac Tao made his armour save. The Hac Tao then stepped back into the Armory pumping his HMG into the Bulleteer while walking back in, knocking it unconscious.


At the end of Yu Jing Turn 2 it was looking like the below.


Turn 2 – PanOceania

PanO fired up the mighty Jotum and moved the Jotum, Nisse and Machinist towards the Armory with a co-ordinated order, at this point we had both now spent all of our command tokens! The Jotum then moved up and shot Monk 2 to pieces with the MULTI HMG, the Zú Yong attempted a combi shot as the Jotum passed his line of fire but the armour was too tough. With the rest of his orders the Jotum spent 4 orders using the heavy flamethrower on the Hac Tao, the Hac Tao amazingly dodged the first 3 flamethrower templates but on the last one failed his dodge! He took a wound but the fire died out after making another armour roll, leaving the Hac Tao rather crispy and his TO camo burnt.


Hot hot hot!

With no more orders left this marked the end of PanO turn 2.

End of Turn 2

At the end of Turn 2 I was still dominating the Armory just about with a wounded Hac Tao and a Zu Yong and had accomplished my classified of extreme prejudice, making it 3 – 0 to Yu Jing.

Turn 3 – Yu Jing

As turn 3 started Monk 3 sought vengence for his fellow brother’s death! The monk moved towards the Jotum from behind, dropping smoke on the way with his impetuous order. With his irregular order the Monk vaulted over the boot of a car into CC the with Jotum, scoring a critical hit!

With the Jotum bearing down on the Armory support was needed, the Tiger Soldier with a spitfire arrived at just the right time on the left flank looking at the exposed machinist and Nisse. The Tiger unloaded his spitfire into the Machinist first knocking him unconscious, the Nisse span around after hearing the screams behind him. The Tiger then moved behind a car and took shots while the Nisse hastily shot with the Sniper rifle. The Nisse critted…it wasn’t looking good…then the Tiger critted too! They cancelled each other out in a tense stand off. Using the cover of the car the firefight continued with the Tiger putting another clip into the Nisse and knocking him unconscious.


The sacrificial Monk strikes again!

With the left flank clear the Zhànshì FO moved up and spent the last 2 orders forward observing the PanO HVT, scoring another classified for Yu Jing and marking the end of Yu Jing’s last turn.


“Target spotted!”

Turn 3 – PanOceania

In the final turn the Fusilier Lt. stood up and took shots at the Monk who was engaged with the Jotum, shooting him in the back and knocking him unconscious. With the Jotum freed up from the Monk the Jotum used the flamethrower one last time killing the Hac Tao with fire. The Jotum then moved up and killed the Zú Yong with his MULTI HMG. With his final order the Jotum jumped up on a crate and killed the Tiger Soldier in the backfield with the MULTI HMG. No one was holding the Armory anymore on both sides so no one dominated in the final turn.


With no orders left the game was finished and looked like this:


Devastation in the middle

End of the game

The end of turn 3 saw neither Yu Jing or PanOceania dominating the Armory. Yu Jing dominated the Armory twice, opened both panopolies and accomplished 2 classifieds while PanO did…none!

Yu Jing

  • 2 points from dominating the Armory in turn 1 and 2
  • 2 points from acquiring more weapons from the panopolies than PanO
  • 2 points accomplished from classifieds

Total Score – 6


  • Unfortunately none!

Total Score – 0


A 6 – 0 win for Yu Jing! This was a real tense game with a lot of destruction in the midfield. Once I lost both hackers I thought that I would lose the Armory but the Hac Tao, Monks and Bao Troop managed to pull through for me! The Jotum stomped everything in the middle and was unstoppable, going on a rampage at the end of the game. This just shows that even if your opponent takes a TAG and destroys your force you can still secure victory through the objectives.

I think in the future I will remember to use Fairy Dust as that could have saved my Shang Ji’s head from exploding! Overall though another really fun game, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Yu Jing VS PanOceania – The Armory 300pts ITS

  1. Calabozo Criollo

    Woa! playing on the floor! i cant do that for long, ergonomic failure! recommend to play on table.

    i played around 110 times infinity and havent played this mision yet, seem fun with the booty but hard to keep the position. Shame to PanO to be crushed like that but missing the iniative its strong failure, also bringing a tag that doesnt enter into the ammo room. (Dont fall in bigger is better since this is infinity)

    Fun that the pan0 HVT its a Scout space marine ultrasmurf XD

    Great batrep! need more pictures of the deployment! seem you get lot of fun!!! keep playing.



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