Yu Jing VS PanOceania – Supremacy 300pts ITS

Note – Please excuse the poor photos as I only have a phone camera

EDIT – I realised the way I calculated quadrant points was slightly wrong, now corrected

Hyperpower VS Superpower, a classic match up. This was going to be a fun game! Me and my good PanO friend/rival decided to have a try of Supremacy 300pts ITS as we dip our toes into ITS missions more. Unfortunately we don’t have a table to game on so we resorted to the living room floor, it still worked. Soon though we will have a Micro Arts Studio battle mat which will be much better.

The Mission

ITS Supremacy – 300pts

  • Dominate the same number of Quadrants as the adversary at the end of the Game Round (1 Objective Point, but only if at least 1 Quadrant is Dominated by the player).
  • Dominate more Quadrants than the adversary at the end of the Game Round (2 Objective Points).
  • Each player has 1 Classified Objective (1 Objective Point only if the player has less than 10 Objective Points)
  • 4 possible points from hacked consoles at the end of the game if less than 10 points

The Army Lists

Yu Jing


Superpower number 2…but for how long?


YJ List



PanO List

The Roll off

Yu Jing won the roll off and I decided to choose first turn to get to those juicy objectives. I had to deploy first with PanO deploying second.


Here was board set up:


Yu Jing’s perspective


PanOceania’s perspective

I don’t have any pictures of PanO’s deployment but here was my Yu Jing deployment:


YJ Left flank

My left flank consisted of 2 Shaolin Warrior Monks, a Celestial Guard smoke launcher and a Bao Troop combi rifle to push forward using smoke and MSV2. The Zhanshi FO was there to cover the backfield and Zu Yong HMG Lt was there for long range support on the left flank.


YJ Right flank

The right flank consisted of a Yan Huo HRMC for long range death, 2 monks for smoke cover and offense, 1 Zhanshi FO watching the backfield, 1 Zhanshi paramedic waiting to revive the Yan Huo and a Shang Ji Hacker for hacking the console.


Camo infiltrating…

I deployed my Guilang near the left flank console ready to hack on my first turn.



The Yu Jing HVT was deployed just in front of the centre Yu Jing lines where I was sure I could get troops to if necessary.


PanO’s HVT

The PanO HVT was deployed opposite my right flank near the enemy table half’s console.

Turn 1 – Yu Jing

My turn began with my opponent stripping away 2 orders from my main pool leaving me with 7 orders remaining. First I used my impetuous Monks to run forward and start throwing smoke towards the consoles, 3 out of the 4 monks all failed to land their smoke. Not a good start! I then used their irregular orders to move again and smoke again but this time was successful. I smoked both consoles just in case there were any nasty hidden surprises waiting for me that I wasn’t aware of.


Ripe for hacking

With smoke down on both consoles I hacked the left flank console successfully with the Guilang claiming it for Yu Jing. I then used 2 command tokens to perform 2 co-ordinated orders moving up various troops for each order. Overall I moved up the Shang Ji, Zu Yong, Guilang, Yan Huo and Bao Troop to claim the quadrants in my table half. The Shang Ji hacked the right flank console successfully claiming that one for Yu Jing too. With my remaining orders I laid a mine on the left flank with the Guilang and repositioned my Shang Ji, then I used another command token to put the Shang Ji, Yan Huo, Zu Yong and Guilang on suppression fire.


The Yan Huo and Shaolin Monk 3 move up


Guilang and Shang Ji repositioning for the midfield


Yan Huo enters suppression ready for anything that might try to come for the console


The Zu Yong Lt. readies his HMG into suppression fire for the coming enemy turn


Shaolin Monk 1 and the Bao Troop move up

Turn 1 – PanOceania

PanO’s first turn began with the mighty Jotum striding down my right flank. The Jotum got line of fire on my Shàng Jí hacker and Monk and poured all 4 MULTI HMG shots into my Shàng Jí. The Shàng Jí fired on suppression while Monk 2 dodge smoked throwing it front of him which blocked line of fire for both him and the Shàng Jí. The Shàng Jí took a wound from a crit while Monk 2 successfully smoked unopposed.


With the Shàng Jí safe in the smoke the Jotum moved further down my right flank behind a building gaining line of fire to Monk 3 and 4. Taking 2 shots at each Monk 3 dodge smoked and Monk 4 dodged to engage since he was so close! Monk 3 was blown to pieces and failed his dodge…but Monk 4 successfully engaged and tied up the Jotum in close combat!



With the Jotum tied up PanO used a couple of co-ordinated orders and command tokens to move up the Aquila, Kamau hacker and the Fusilier FO’s. Somewhere in one of those co-ordinated orders the Nisse Sniper on the centre building of PanO’s line stood up too. The Kamau hacker took the console next to the HVT on PanO’s half and moved up onto a building with the Aquila, the Aquila entered suppression behind the yellow box looking out of the central area where the white car is.


Positioning end of turn 1

End of Turn 1

At the end of turn 1 both Yu Jing and PanOceania were claiming 2 quadrants each. I was holding onto my quadrant with the Jotum in…just barely! I had 2 consoles to PanO’s 1 making the score 1 -1.

Turn 2 – Yu Jing

In turn 2 things really started to heat up. Monk 2 launched forward and threw smoke to cover the Shàng Jí’s and Guilang’s advance. Monk 1 climbed up a building and also smoked at his feet. Monk 4 fought the Jotum in CC but failed to punch through with both his impetuous and irregular order. Monk 1 and 2 continued to advance with their irregular orders.

With the Nisse standing in the open I broke suppression and fired at him with the Yan Huo with shock ammo, turning him into red mist!

With the Nisse out of the game I decided at this point it was time to deal with the Kamau and Aquila guard so I could push for the enemy consoles and quadrants. The Tiger soldier walked in on the right flank next to the Jotum/Monk 4 combat and then moved up and fired at the Kamau, knocking her unconscious. The Tiger then took shots at the back of the Aquila Guard but he survived and failed his guts roll and went prone.


Tiger doing what Tigers do best…

With the Aquila safe in a prone position on a building I needed a different way to get at him. Under the cover of smoke I moved the Guilang up and basilisked the Aquila making him IMM 1. I then spotlighted the unconscious Kamau to get my first classfied objective. Unfortunately while I did that the Aquila reset in ARO in ZoC and was back to normal again. I also moved up the Shang Ji but didn’t have enough orders to hack the enemy console. With my final order I put the Tiger on suppression fire.


So close!


Shaolin Monk 1 getting dangerously close

Turn 2 – PanOceania

PanO began the turn with a pushback. The Auxilia came out from cover shooting at the Shàng Jí. Unfortunately the wounded Shàng Jí failed to dodge and went down to the combi rifle. The Auxilia then sent the auxbot forward and came out of cover shooting at the suppressing Tiger Soldier. The Auxilia managed to catch the Tiger out of cover and won the face to face killing him too.

Turn 2 was looking something like this:


With the Shàng Jí / Tiger threat dealt with the Aquila stood up and took some shots at my Bao Troop winning the face to face and knocking him unconscious. He then rounded the corner and shot at the Yan Huo, the Yan Huo shot back but lost the face to face. Thankfully no damage was caused and Yan Huo failed the guts roll and went behind cover. The Auxbot then moved up to flamethrower the Guilang. The Guilang managed to dodge and Monk 2 laid a smoke over the Guilang to keep him safe. For the final order the Aquila went onto suppression fire.

End of Turn 2

At the end of turn 2 Yu Jing and PanOceania both still held equal quadrants, Yu Jing still had 2 consoles to PanO’s 1. I did have a classified though making the score 3 – 2 to Yu Jing.

Turn 3 – Yu Jing

Turn 3 started with a bang when Monk 4 critted the Jotum in CC with his impetuous order. Monk 1 moved towards the Fusiliers on the left flank and smoke dodged while Monk 2 moved towards the Auxbot and smoke dodged the flamethrower which also caught the Guilang, the Guilang was burnt but thankfully made his armour save. Monk 4 then used his irregular order and critted the Jotum again! Leaving the Jotum with only 1 structure point! Monk 1 moved closer to the Fusiliers and smoke dodged again while the Monk 2 ran through the smoke into base to base with the Auxbot, thankfully surviving an electric pulse.

The Guilang hacked the Aquila with carbonite causing him to decide to reset and break suppression, the Aquila lost the face to face and failed his BTS rolls causing him to become IMM 1 again. With the Aquila’s armour frozen the Yan Huo stepped out and unloaded to 2 volleys of the hyper rapid magnetic cannon into the Aquila, knocking him unconscious. The Yan Huo then turned and launched a further 2 volleys into the Jotum/Monk 4 combat, killing the Monk but finally knocking the Jotum unconscious and securing the quadrant.

The Zu Yong HMG moved forward and hosed down a visible fusilier FO killing him outright while the Guilang laid a mine in preparation for the final turn. At this point Yu Jing were holding both quadrants in their table half and also holding the quadrant with the Auxilia, Monk 2 and the Guilang in.



Hacking rocks!


The sacrificial Monk will never be forgotten!


Turn 3 – PanOceania

It was all or nothing now for PanO. The Trauma Doc stood up and shot a medikit down to the Aquila Guard, generating an ARO from the Yan Huo. Unfortunately the docs shot missed! The Yan Huo responded in kind with a DA round wiping the doc off the table.

The Fusilier Lieutenant then stood up and put 2 combi rounds into the Yan Huo and 1 into Monk 1. Monk 1 successfully dodge smoked while the Yan Huo lost the face to face, no wounds were caused but the Yan Huo failed guts and went prone.


The Auxilia on the left flank then moved up to try and take care of Monk 1 with a flamethrower attack but once again he smoke dodged! As a last desperate attempt the Fusilier FO next to Monk 1 in the smoke attempted to hack the console but failed the WIP roll marking the last order and the end of the game.


Smoke, smoke everywhere…


At the end of turn 3

End of the game

The end of turn 3 saw Yu Jing holding 3 quadrants and 2 consoles and 1 classified, with PanO holding 1 quadrants, 1 console and no classifieds.

Yu Jing

  • 2 points from equal quadrants for 2 turns
  • 2 points for dominating more quadrants than PanO in turn 3
  • 1 point for a classified objective
  • 2 points for 2 hacked consoles

Total score – 7


  • 2 points from equal quadrants in turns 1 and 2
  • 1 point for 1 hacked console

Total score – 3


A 7 – 3 win for Yu Jing! This was a close game which could have gone horribly wrong for Yu Jing if some things had happened differently. If the Jotum had not got caught up with a Monk it would have surely destroyed my back lines, but Monks do what Monks do! If the Aquila had received the medikit and revived that would also have stopped me getting a quadrant. A few dice rolls here and there could have seen this game been a draw but thankfully it worked in Yu Jing’s favour. I was very happy with the performance of the Monks and Yan Huo and the Guilang also put in a lot of work as usual. Overall a great game with a great opponent.

Next time I think I won’t leave some units out in the open like the Shàng Jí and the Bào Troop. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!


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