Bostria’s Challenge: 300pts Yu Jing list

So Bostria (Carlos of Corvus Belli) set out a challenge on the Infinity forums:

I would like to read about 300pts army lists, ITS effective, with existing good looking miniatures, no proxys and no model from a box left over.

What a challenge! Not a single proxy allowed or a miniature left over from the boxed sets. I decided to take up the challenge with one more further restriction – only using the models I currently have at the time of this post.

The Core

My first choice was naturally the Yu Jing Starter box, which still has good looking models in my opinion!


The core dream team

This box would be my specialist core in the following configuration:

  • 3 Zhànshì – The Zhànshì provide regular orders for the army and make handy cheap specialists. For this list I will take 2 Forward observers and 1 Paramedic to cover some of the classified objectives in ITS. These specialists are fragile so would need to be used cautiously but if you have seen my article on Zhànshìs you will know they are very handy with a flash pulse!
  • 1 Celestial Guard Lieutenant – Because of Bostria’s challenge this Celestial Guard could only be chosen as either a standard trooper or Lieutenant! There are already existing models for all of the other profiles. I chose to use him as backfield Lieutenant to keep other models free to be specialists. This works out well as his WIP 14 is handy in the initiative roll.
  • 1 Shàng Jí Hacker – The Shàng Jí hacker is a solid choice, a tough dependable HI with a good weapon loadout and competent hacker. This also makes him an ITS specialist and very good one at that. The Shàng Jí hacker also provides support to the Tiger Soldier and Gŭiláng in this list. He is one of Yu Jing’s best HI for the price and is a great midfield aggressive or defensive piece. You can read more about the Shàng Jí here.
  • 1 Domaru Butai – The Domaru would be one of the teeth of the list. With a boarding shotgun and E/M grenades in hand the Domaru would be used purely to cause havoc to the opponent and make aggressive pushes to open the objectives up to the specialists. Her shotgun and E/M grenades give her many tactical options against high armoured targets, clumped troops and enemy HI/TAGs/remotes. Whoever crosses her path will be in trouble! You can read about the Domaru in my starter box series article.

The starter box brings us 128pts / 0.5 SWC so far, so still plenty of play room and we already have 4 specialists.

The Tricks

The next addition to the list is a pair of trusty Gŭilángs.


The troublesome twosome

  • The first Gŭiláng would be taken as the Forward Observer , Deployable repeater profile. This is a great piece as he is a camo infiltration specialist with lots of tricks up his sleeve. His goal will be to get those objectives early and with his high WIP 14 this shouldn’t pose a problem. As an FO he also able to accomplish classifieds. He also comes with a flash pulse, antipersonnel mines and a deployable repeater to provide a real headache to the opponent. The idea would be to setup in mines in the midfield and also put a repeater down near the objective he takes so that the Shàng Jí can provide hacking support against anyone who tries to take the objective. His MSV1 and camo also means he has a good chance of surprising enemy models on the midfield and causing damage.
  • The second Gŭiláng would be taken with a MULTI Sniper rifle. His purpose is to provide long range support in both aggressive and defensive forms. As an aggressive sniper I like to deploy this Gŭiláng in a nice midfield nest and drop a couple of mines near objectives. After that I use him to pick on enemy models that poke their heads out. His MULTI Sniper rifle makes him a threat to a variety of targets and makes him another headache for the enemy to deal with and is good at taking out enemy snipers. If used defensively this Gŭiláng makes a fantastic backfield sniper with his camo surprise shot and MSV1.
  • These two would be deployed as camo tokens keeping your opponent guessing as to what they both are.

This brings us to 188pts / 2 SWC

The Teeth

Now that we have 5 specialists the next part would be to add some firepower and punch to the list. This led me to the Yān Huǒ HRMC and the Tiger Soldier spitfire.


Ready to saw the tops off buildings


The Predator

  • The Yān Huǒ HRMC provides massive punch in this list with his magnetic cannon. He would be used as a scary BS 14 DA ARO piece and also an active turn burst 5 monster, destroying anything that decides to be visible. He is also a pretty durable HI packing ARM 8 in cover. Having the Yān Huǒ will make the opponent think twice about where models are left on the board and he will help to pave the way for the specialists to advance. He also dissuades snipers and total reaction bots and has no trouble taking down a TAG.
  • The Tiger Soldier armed with a spitfire will be a flanking piece to clear out objectives or to take out enemy specialists and key enemy models. His BS 13 and Burst 4 spitfire makes him a reliable killer and tough to shift thanks to mimetism. The Tigers Airborne deployment options gives him great flexibility of coming onto the board and provides the element of surprise. Using supportware from the Shàng Jí the Tiger has good chance of combat jumping onto the board if the situation requires it. The Tiger is a great tactical piece which I have written about here.

This brings us to 274pts / 5.5 SWC and 10 orders in the main combat group.

The Speedbump

The last addition to this list is 4 Shaolin Warrior Monks in a second combat group.



  • The Shaolin Warrior Monks will be there to provide flank support and smoke coverage for the specialists and the Domaru Butai. They will also be a thorn in the opponents side costing orders to remove and threatening enemy models with their chain rifles and close combat abilities. They are extremely impetuous so it is possible they will be picked off by ARO’s but with the Yān Huǒ’s support they should be able to advance without issue if enemy snipers and ARO pieces are keeping their heads down. The Shaolin Warrior Monks work well in tandem with the Domaru and can help to give the Domaru smoke coverage to advance across the board as well. If they die it is not really a big deal, with the support from the Domaru and the Yān Huǒ they are sure to be a nuisance.

This brings us to 300pts / 5.5 SWC, just short of making full use of the SWC!

Here is the full list when put together:


ARMY 5 Link

This passes Bostria’s challenge test as there are no proxies, no split boxed sets and covers a lot of bases. There are enough varied specialists to be competitive in ITS and also plenty of tricks and punch to keep the opponent under pressure.


What do you think of this list? Would you use it? What kind of list would you make with standard Yu Jing? Please share in the comments!



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