Brush time – Yān Huǒ HRMC WIP Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of painting the Yān Huǒ HRMC WIP.

The beast is complete! He took longer than I expected simply due to vast amounts of highlighting that were required all over the armour and the hyper rapid magnetic cannon but I was happy with the result.

For the striped pattern I tried a few different colours originally but they were just too much of an eye sore and clashed with the red, so I ended up a half / half of black and white stripes.

Beginning the highlighting stage

Continuing on from part 1, I began the the first red highlights on the armour. The shading produced by the wash gave me an idea of where to apply all the highlights and I got to work using a red that was brighter than the original basecoat. This was mixed in with some liquitex matte medium and a little water to get a good consistency, 60% paint / 20% liquitex / 20% water. Overall this part was the most time consuming as I did around 2-3 layers of red highlighting until I was happy that it brought out the recesses. In some areas and crevices on the armour I went back with the agrax earthshade and applied it into the recesses to bring out the detail more.

After the armour was complete the next step was the cannon. The first highlight for the magnetic cannon and ammo pack was light grey to give it some depth. I did this by using a simple technique of getting some paint on the brush, wiping off the excess in the palette and then gently brushing the flat side of the brush against the corners and angles. I also wanted the end of the cannon muzzle to look well used so I did a few strokes of brown and applied agrax earthshade twice to give it a charred look.

Other details I did at this stage were neatening up any mistakes I made and also painting the pistol and holster. The holster was a light brown washed with agrax earthshade followed by highlights with the light brown again. I also touched up some of the servo piping using the point of my brush and grey.

Adding depth

The next stage was to paint the white armour sections, finalise the cannon highlights and also freehand paint the armour patterns.

The white sections were mixed with liquitex and water as usual, I applied 3 layers to get it nice and bold and it was relatively quick and painless. After this I painted the next layer of highlights for the cannon using the same white. This was painted over the light grey on the corners and angles on the upper areas of the cannon to make it look like it was reflecting light.

After tidying up any mistakes, the final part was freehand painting the stripes. I referenced the official photos of the Yān Huǒ and painted the black and white stripes in the same places. Once the stripes were done his look was complete.

The finishing touch was 2 layers of Vallejo brush on gloss varnish followed by 2 layers of Vallejo brush on matte varnish to protect the paint job, this was 50/50 mix with water.

 All complete!

Painting the Yān Huǒ presented me with some new challenges in painting large areas and bringing out shading and highlights, it also required a lot of patience on my part as I like to finish models quickly and see the end result ready for the battlefield. There will be no way my opponent can miss seeing this weapon of mass destruction on the tabletop now!


Let the fireworks begin…


I am always open to comments and critique on my painting as I want to be a better painter. Please leave your feedback in the comments and show me your Yān Huǒs!


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