Brush time – Yān Huǒ HRMC WIP Part 1

Welcome to another brush time, this time I decided to start painting my Yān Huǒ as I wanted to use him in future games. Painting this guy was quite a welcome change as he is the biggest Infinity model that I have so far. I also used the opportunity to test a new product as well as my GW Lahmian medium ran out. I bought a bottle of Liquitex acrylic matte medium as a replacement but was shocked that it was so thick! But once it was mixed in with the paint with a little bit of water it soon proved it’s worth.

Pinning, pinning, pinning…

I don’t have any photos of the assembly and pinning but if you are going to assemble a Yān Huǒ I would definitely recommend pinning. I pinned the heck out of this guy! As usual I cut away all the flash and filed away all the mold lines, then washed all the parts in warm soapy water to get rid of molding agents before assembly.

After super gluing the body parts, backpack and ammopack together I pinned both of the stabilisers into his backpack and also pinned the magnetic cannon on too, it had to be done as those parts were so fiddly and it wouldn’t take much for them to break off. Once it was all pinned I primed it black with humbrol matte black acrylic spray.

The beginnings

I painted the base with my usual method of dark grey, followed by a black wash with drybrushed light grey highlights. For the brown parts it was just brown with an agrax earthshade wash followed by drybrushing light brown highlights.

Once the base was complete I got to work on the model. First I drybrushed all of the small details and pipes with a dark grey and then a lighter grey. I did this for the cannon and the ammopack too but I also gave them a couple of black washes. I wanted the magnetic cannon to be a sort of matte black with very subtle highlights, the main highlights would come later.


Using drybrushing to bring out the details

The next step was to do the basecoat for the armour. Using the new Liquitex matte medium that I bought it took 3 layers but left a really nice finish. It didn’t obscure the detail and the colour was still bold so I was quite impressed! The mix was 60% paint / 20% liquitex / 20% water .

Then it was time to bring out the detail in the amour, with the trusty GW agrax earthshade in hand I applied liberal amounts of it all over the armour to bring out all the details and provide shading for the highlighting later.

Once the wash was dry I started the areas of the armour that I wanted dark brown. I made my dark brown mix with 40% brown / 40% red / 20% black to get a nice warm dark brown, this was then washed with agrax earthshade and highlighted.


Looking menacing already!


That’s my progress so far! In the next part I will be working on the fine details and applying all of the highlights to the armour and the magnetic cannon.

I would love to see your Yān Huǒ’s and hear your comments, send me a link in the comments!



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