Brush time – Gŭiláng WIP Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Brush time series – Gŭiláng WIP Part 2.

I finally finished my combi rifle Gŭiláng and he was a blast to paint! I felt like the sculpt did a lot of the work as my techniques were mainly just washes and simple highlights. The hardest part was remembering how I did the coat on my first sniper Gŭiláng as I had forgotten.

So continuing on from part 1, after I had washed the coat with agrax earthshade I got to work on highlighting the coat. I just used the same base colour brown over the now darkened brown from the wash, followed by a second layer of sandy yellow highlights on the raised areas.

Moving onto the detail

The next step on the coat was fine highlights on the creases with beige to really make the coat pop and then another gentle earthshade wash to blend all those highlights and browns together. I also highlighted the backpack with a lighter brown.


Filling in those minor details

Then I began the fine details like the armour, gun, mines, shoulder pads and metallic parts .The armour plating was just dark grey mix with lighter grey highlights. The red was 2 layers of dark red washed with agrax earthshade, followed by normal red highlights.

For the gun I did the gun casing itself with dark grey and  light grey highlights. The metallic parts were painted with progressive shades of grey going from dark to light to get the non-metallic effect, I did the same with the face plating too.

The mines were a dark green, highlighted and followed by a black wash. I wanted the mines to have a slight colour but still be dark (they are camo after all!)

The eyes were just yellow mixed with white to pop against the black eyelets.


I see you!

Now came the white features that give the Gŭiláng his character! I always use a matte medium to thin my paints, especially with white. To get the white nice and smooth I used around 3 layers with various touch ups, once the white was painted it brought a lot of life to the miniature. The white was done for the helmet, arm bands and gun casing.


A top down view of the gun.

The finishing touches were painting the 180 degree arc and the varnish finish. I used 2 layers of Vallejo gloss brush on varnish, followed by 2 layers of Vallejo matte brush on varnish. This is a simple 50/50 mix with water allowing drying time between each layer.

This ensures a solid protection for the paint job when transporting and playing games, I have found this varnish to be fantastic and really easy to use. All you need to do is give the bottle a good shake before use.

All complete!

This guy was really fun to paint and I can’t wait to use him in games. Between him and the Gŭiláng sniper they are sure to cause some real headaches for my opponents.


The troublesome twosome…


I am always open to comments and critique on my painting as I want to be a better painter. Please leave your feedback in the comments and show me your Gŭilángs!


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