Brush time – Gŭiláng WIP Part 1

Welcome to Brush time, a series of posts showing my current WIP’s for Infinity Yu Jing models that I am painting. For those interested in the equipment I use, it is all quite budget but it works:

  1. Vallejo Model colour paints and Vallejo gloss and matte brush on varnish
  2. GW Agrax earthshade and GW Lahmian medium
  3. Royal Langnickel value brushes and Army painter starter brush set
  4. Humbrol Acrylic Spray paint

Prior to any painting I always cut and trim flash and file away mold lines, I then wash all of the models parts in warm soapy water before super gluing together to get rid of molding agents. With this Gŭiláng I pinned the small arm that holds the front of the gun to the body to give it extra strength.

The beginnings

I was excited to start painting this Gŭiláng as I really enjoy painting coats and cloaks, anything with deep recesses really as using washes and highlights look great and are really fun.

I like to start out with a black undercoat using Humbrol Matt black acrylic spray. I find this spray to be high quality and relatively cheap. The small can size is good for small amounts of models.


After the undercoat I got to work with a simple dark grey drybrush on the areas I would later be painting grey and white. I also made a start on the base using a similar method of painting dark grey, followed by a black wash, followed by some drybrush highlights. The brown dirt areas were just brown with a GW Agrax earthshade wash on top.


Then I finished the base off with some drybrush highlights on the brown dirt. I like to finish the base off first before starting the rest of the model as it is easier to touch up the base than the legs if there is a mistake. It also means I don’t have to worry about drybrushing the legs by mistake.

After the base was completed I did the basecoats for the coat and backpack, I use GW Lahmian medium to thin my paints and did 2 layers to get a nice even coat. The dark brown was a combination of 40% brown, 40% red and 20% black to get a nice rich warm dark brown.

The next step was to apply a liberal amount of GW Agrax earthshade (not diluted) all over the coat areas and backpack. I moved the wash around with my brush to get the amount I wanted into each recess.


That’s it so far! In the next part I will be doing the coat highlights and other small details such as the legs, gun, backpack and head. I hope this WIP has given you some ideas.

I would love to see your Gŭiláng’s and hear your comments, send me a link in the comments!


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