Assembling the troops

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post! This blog is aimed at Yu Jing players, those interested in the Yu Jing faction in Infinity, or just hobbying in Infinity in general. Here I will be aiming to post pics and updates of models that I am painting that are WIP and also offer my thoughts on certain YJ units in the game.

So without a do let’s get started…here is my current roster of painted models I have so far.

Zhanshi x3
Shang Ji
Domaru Butai w/ boarding shotgun
Celestial Guard
Hac Tao w/ HMG
Bao troop w/ boarding shotgun
Bao troop w/ combi rifle
Guilang w/ MULTI Sniper rifle
Tiger Soldier w/ Spitfire
Zu Yong w/ HMG




I went for a red themed palette using Vallejo model colour paints and GW washes. Although I like the studio colours I fancied something different and had never tried red before. In Chinese culture red is a colour that is seen as good, well and blessed. I wanted my Yu Jing to give off the impression that they are troops blessed by the Dragon Emperor.

And here is what I have yet to paint…

Yan Huo w/ HMC
Yan Huo w/ Missle Launchers (needs assembling)
Guilang w/ combi rifle
Ninja w/ MULTI Sniper rifle x1


I have enough units now to do a few varied lists so my future goal is to learn how to play well with what I have. Infinity is a game where you can’t bank on your list alone to win the game, you have to use what you have well and get the right guy in the right place at the right time. And somewhere in the bullet fest to use tactics!

In my future posts I will be looking at each unit individually and offering thoughts and comments on my experiences with them, starting with the units from the standard Yu Jing starter pack.


4 thoughts on “Assembling the troops

    1. The Invincible Army Post author

      I wanted to do something different than the studio paint scheme and had never painted a red force before. In Chinese culture red is a very positive and passionate colour that represents goodness and blessing, I wanted my Yu Jing to be a force that shows passion, power and blessings from the Dragon Emperor.

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