Hospitaller Knight HMG

Hospitaller Knights are one of the units many opponents of the Military Orders dread. They are as efficient as they are punishing, packing a lot of firepower and durability in a small package.

With the announcement of Hospitaller Knight resculpts on the way this year from Corvus Belli I decided to sit down and paint this guy to get the paint scheme down as a trial run. He’s the only Hospitaller I have at the moment and was a gift from a friend otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bought Hospitallers due to lack of good sculpts for them at the moment. Still, this sculpt has held it’s age well and is actually not bad at all. I look forward to a full Hospitaller link eventually with a BS 20 HMG point guy, brrrrrrrrt!



TO Camo Specialist Sergeant

TO Camo Specialist Sergeants! These guys just appear out of nowhere to your opponent and are one of the best units Military Orders have available. They are cheap enough to take a few of and come with a range of useful equipment and skills to be a real pain in your opponents side.

Compared to the studio version of the model I actually converted mine with a very simple alteration to the pose. The studio version is just looking straight ahead and it looks kind of odd with her rifle held up in the air and the legs pointing a certain way. I decided to move the direction the head was facing to create a more natural pose. The conversion was simple and only took 10-15 minutes by simply filing the square socket peg at the bottom of the head so that it would fit the socket when I turn it around. A little filing and a touch of green stuff later and the model looks much more natural with a pose similar to the Guilang Skirmisher.


I finished painting this last Spec Sergeant from the new Order Sergeants box and she makes a perfect TO Camo Spec Sergeant. I went with the TO Camo Spec Sergeant scheme that was on my MULTI sniper by having the dark Teutonic tabard and also dark leggings, now she’s ready to snatch objectives and surprise shot unsuspecting mooks!